Is Your Client Having Trouble Connecting to TaxFolder?

In case you missed it in the February 11th TaxFolder update, we changed the process for inviting clients and team members to your TaxFolder.

Most new clients or clients who signed in last year are successfully navigating the new process. However, clients who were invited last year but never activated their account are sometimes struggling to get connected.

Often, they return to the original email invitation that tells them to request a password reset—which will not work because TaxFolder no longer creates a TaxCycle Account when you invite the client.

How to Help?

For clients having trouble signing in, please resend the TaxFolder invitation email. Then, they can create a new TaxCycle Account or sign in with an existing one and connect it to the TaxFolder record.

Video and Help

For detailed instructions for any of your clients, send them to the video or the help topic.