It's time to upgrade to .NET Framework 4.8

In the upcoming release, we are moving TaxCycle and DoxCycle forward to use the latest Microsoft .NET Framework, version 4.8.

We wanted to give you time to plan your upgrades. The more workstations/servers that already have this version .NET installed when our release comes out, the smoother the update process will be. And if you need to update a properly-secured server, this gives you time to prepare and plan in advance.

How to get ready

Windows 10 May 2019 Update (all editions) includes the .NET Framework 4.8 as an operating system component. Usually, it is installed by default. Depending on each computer's Windows update settings, this version of .NET may be installed as part of the regular Windows update process.

What to expect in the next release

  • The TaxCycle and DoxCycle setup programs will automatically install .NET 4.8 on your system.
  • If for some reason this doesn't happen, TaxCycle or DoxCycle will also detect if .NET 4.8 is not yet installed on your computer and will prompt you to upgrade. Click the update link to download and install right away. It opens the Microsoft download page for this version of .NET. Click the button Download .NET Framework 4.8 Runtime to download and run the installer.