Known Issue: CRA Technical Issues Impacting T2 AFR and Slips Filing

Since the CRA’s system-wide update that took place on May 13, we have learned that downloading data through T2 Auto-fill my return (AFR) and slips filing (T4, T4A, NR4, T5, and T5018) in TaxCycle may result in unknown errors.

It is possible that this issue may impact other filing areas.  still other areas that are impacted by the glitch and this fix only addresses issues on only one of those areas

Anticipated Resolution

Updated May 17, 2024: The CRA has informed us that they will implement a T2 Auto-fill my return (AFR) fix before 6:00 AM ET on Tuesday, May 21, 2024. Other filing areas are still impacted by some issues. We will keep updating this article as we get more information.