French E-signatures and Approvals in TaxFolder

With the latest TaxFolder release, we’re excited to announce you can now offer electronic signatures and document approvals to your clients entirely in French.

E-signatures and Approvals in French

As a tax preparer, whether you run TaxCycle in French or English, you can now send signature and approval requests to your clients in their preferred language. French-speaking clients will receive an email notification in French and can proceed through the signature process entirely in French.

To support your clients with completing electronic signatures or approval requests in French, we encourage you to share the following pages from

Release Notes and Documentation

For more information on all the changes in TaxFolder, please see the latest release notes. Until more of the TaxFolder interface appears in French, we will only publish the main TaxFolder release notes directed at tax preparers in English.

However, you can find an abbreviated version of the release notes that highlight client-facing changes in French, on the Nouvelles page on

Status of Client Portal Translation

We continue to work on translating the client-facing portions of TaxFolder into French. Translation of the Client Portal forms the next tranche of work. 

At the moment, you can invite your French-speaking clients to connect to a TaxFolder client portal so you can share documents with them. They will receive an email invitation and go through the account creation process in French. However, the client portal itself only displays in English. Therefore, we only recommend French-speaking clients to the portal if they understand and can tolerate that current limitation.

Once the portal is available in French, we will let you know.

Status of Client Dashboard Translation

The Client Dashboard, where tax preparers and their teams can manage all client engagements and requests, remains solely in English for now.