Now Available! T2125 and T776 GIFI Import From Xero

You can now import data from Xero into T2125 Statement of Business or Professional Activities and T776 Statement of Real Estate Rentals in TaxCycle T1. 

Similar to the T2/T5013 GIFI import from Xero, you must first map the accounts in the Xero organization to facilitate the import. When mapping your accounts in Xero, first select T1 + T2125 (TaxCycle) or T1 + T776 (TaxCycle) as the tax form in the Xero Tax Mapper

If you are a Xero partner, watch the video above or read the T2125 or T776 GIFI Import From Xero help topic

Interested in becoming a Xero partner? As a current TaxCycle customer, if you join the Xero Partner Program, you may qualify for a shared pricing benefits by using both TaxCycle and Xero. Contact us to learn more.