RESOLVED: Erroneous T2 "Calculations Have Changed Since..." Message

We have discovered an issue in TaxCycle T2 version 11.0.45396.0 where the bulletin message "Calculations have changed since..." displays for no apparent reason.

Screen Capture: Calculations have changed...

To reproduce this issue:

  1. Upon opening the file, the “Calculations have changed since...” bulletin appears.
  2. Click the Preview changes button to see the changes that will be applied.
  3. The Review sidebar shows no calculation changes.

Behind the scenes, a minor calculation change is caused by TaxCycle automatically updating the time for the signature, triggering the message. However, this change to the signature time stamp has no impact on the tax calculations in the file.


Click Accept to continue working on the return and save the calculation change. 


This issue was resolved in the latest TaxCycle update.