RESOLVED: Medical Expenses Field Code

The Medical Expenses section on the 2019 T1 client letters does not show because it refers to the S1 instead of the T1 jacket (now that the Schedule 1 is part of the T1 jacket).

The only instance we could find in our built-in client letters was to the Medical Expenses section:

In this case, the field code in the condition will change to:

Anticipated Resolution

In TaxCycle Version 9.1.38014.0, we updated the built-in T1 client letters (CLetter, JLetter and DLetter) for 2019.

We also added some support for templates to recognize the former S1 field codes as the new fields on the T1 jacket, but this may not catch all instances in customized templates. We suggest reviewing any custom templates for field codes that contain S1. in them and updating them.