RESOLVED: T2 T1135 EFILE Error "Unsupported currency: JP"

If you open an existing T2 file in version 12.1.50435.0, then attempt to transmit form T1135, the transmission may fail with the error message: “Unsupported currency: JP”

This issue does not affect T1135 transmissions from other modules and does not occur if you created a new T2 file in version 12.1.50435.0.


  1. Open form T1135.
  2. In the elected functional currency code field at the top of the form, select USD.
  3. Delete USD to clear the field and leave it blank.
  4. Retransmit the T1135.

Screen Capture: Elected Functional Currency Code

Anticipated Resolution

This issue was resolved in the latest TaxCycle release