TaxFolder Update (April 22, 2021)

As of April 22, 2021, TaxFolder includes the following enhancements and fixes. 

Select Multiple Client or Preparer Files

You can now select multiple files and Download, Delete, or mark those files as Used/Not Used. This functionality is now available in the Client Files and Preparer Files lists on the client engagement. (Note that you cannot mark files as used in the Preparer Files list.)

Screen Capture: Client Files

GIFI File Uploads

TaxFolder now supports upload .GFI file to allow sharing of an export of GIFI data. 

Other Changes

  • Customer Request The menu to resend a document request now automatically closes to indicate the request was sent.
  • On the identity verification screen when signing a document, the cursor now automatically jumps to the next field after you enter the last four digits of your phone number. We also added a delay if you click resend to prevent too many concurrent requests.
  • TaxFolder now limits the number of signers to four per document request.
  • We added additional error logging to help us isolate reported issues with document processing and linking.
  • TaxFolder now automatically retries processing signatures and documents to help recover from errors in the display of signed documents.
  • Addition of the document title to the email confirmation sent to the preparer that a document has been completed.