TaxFolder Update (April 7, 2022)

On April 7, 2022, we deployed an update to This update includes enhancements and resolves several customer-reported issues.

Release Highlights

Email Status

You can now view the email status and date stamp for document signature/approval requests sent to clients. For any new requests sent, you can see if a document request was delivered, opened, clicked, bounced, blocked for each signer. The status for the requests sent prior to this release will show as unavailable.


Complete/Reassign Multiple Engagements

You can now complete and reassign multiple engagements at once from the In Process tab on the Client Dashboard.

  1. Check the box at the end of the row to select each engagement.
  2. Click Reassign to assign the selected engagements to another preparer.
  3. Click Complete to mark the selected assignments as completed (moves them to the Completed tab).

complete/reassign engagments

Customer Request "I'm finished" Button

A new button in the client portal document upload screen allows clients to alert you when they finish uploading all the required documents. Clicking the I’m Finished button sends an email to the preparer assigned to the engagement to show that it is ready for processing.


This also shows a green checkmark in the New Client Documents Uploaded column on the In Progress tab of the Client Dashboard.


Other Changes

  • Customer Request Added support to incorporate the message template for Share Documents when sending from TaxCycle. To use this feature, download and install the optional TaxCycle release coming next week.
  • Added new Preparer FAQ item for file types supported by TaxFolder signature/approval requests.

TaxCycle Client Menu

The next TaxCycle release will add new items on the Client menu allow quick access to TaxFolder functions:

  1. Go to TaxFolder opens a browser and goes to
  2. Send current form for signature becomes active if the current form supports electronic signatures. Click it to open the Print Form dialog and select TaxFolder as the e-signature provider.
  3. Check signature status checks for notifications from TaxFolder or DocuSign®. This is the same as clicking on the Notification Status icon on the status bar.
  4. Forms with signatures opens the Prepare sidebar and selects the Signatures view to list all the forms with e-signature fields.

Screen Capture: TaxCycle Client Menu

Resolved Issues

  • Customer Reported The Add Client and Add Engagement function no longer copies the data from the prior engagement when adding multiple engagements.
  • Customer Reported Fixed the Sort by date and preparer on the Completed tab in the Client Dashboard.
  • Customer Reported Fixed the error message not displaying when the SMS was triggered too many times in succession and improved the display of errors during two-factor authentication (2FA) with mobile devices.
  • Customer Reported Improved the display of certain errors after logging into TaxFolder.
  • Customer Reported Fixed a bug that causes the Document Approval to remain in the Waiting status on the In Progress dashboard when a document is deleted.
  • Customer Reported Improved the error message when trying to upload non-PDF files in the Create/Edit Document Approval Request screen.
  • Customer Reported Fixed an issue to allow more background tasks to retry in case of transient issues.