TaxFolder Update (February 24, 2021)

Last night, we deployed an update to with the following changes based on the recent feedback we received.

Resolved Issues

  • Problems with users who have valid TaxFolder licenses being denied access.
  • Errors when adding a staff member to a team.
  • Android devices not receiving the verification code text message after entering the correct phone number.
  • Not being able to add phone numbers with the area code 825 in TaxFolder.
  • Not using the business phone number as the preparer's number when TaxFolder settings are configured to use the business for branding.


  • Improved the handling of adding and removing staff members to permit adding back a staff member who was previously deleted from the team. (If you deleted a staff member prior to this release and need to add them back, please contact us.)
  • Added a link under the verification code field to allow you to request a voice call to a SMS capable phone to receive the verification code.
  • Changed the phone number hint on the verification page to show more numbers. It now shows in this format +1-403-556-XXXX (previously it showed +1-XXX-XX6-XXXX).
  • Improved the validation of phone numbers entered in TaxFolder.
  • Simplified the homepage at to help your clients get started in TaxFolder. This also removed the pricing and marketing content directed at tax preparers. TaxFolder pricing and help topics for tax preparers remain available on
  • Added a new section to the preparer documentation to help you with Troubleshooting TaxFolder.