TaxFolder Update (June 16, 2021)

On June 16, 2021, we updated TaxFolder with the following enhancements and fixes:

  • Updated the document approvals wording on the Engagement Detail page and in the Approval PDF Certificate to make it clear when a request is Approved versus Signed.
  • Added Expired as a document state in the client portal to indicate when a link has expired for an approval or signature request.
  • Reconfigured Account Activation email to allow for the future addition of firm branding and allow for the future development of the option to disable the activation email.
  • Removed the document Status column from the Completed tab on the dashboard.

Customer Reported Issues

The following issues are resolved as of this update:

  • Error when saving or updating engagement notes.
  • Error when trying to add a new engagement where no engagement exists for a client.
  • Issues with the home page not scaling correctly and interfering with the menu on iPhone 7.
  • Files being orphaned when closing or refreshing the web page before the files are sent as a new approval request created from TaxFolder.
  • French accents not rendering correctly in file names when uploaded from TaxCycle.
  • A website crash when printing from TaxCycle to TaxFolder, when the client email address in TaxFolder does not match the email address in the TaxCycle file. This now shows a 400 Bad Request error and a message to update the email address.

Change to TaxCycle

We added the Shared Return Securely task to the Workflow items under the Completion group to track files sent electronically through a file share portal. This change currently appears in TaxCycle T2, T3 and T3010. It is coming to TaxCycle T1 and T5013 once the 2021 preview modules are released.