TaxFolder Update (March 13, 2022)

On March 13, 2022, we deployed an update to This update includes enhancements and several other customer-reported resolved issues.


  • Customer requested Updated the default tax year to 2021 for T1, T3, T3010, and Slips and Forms when creating an engagement in TaxFolder.
  • Changed the user interface for the Export Grid to a drop-down menu.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed document signature/approval state not updating in the dashboard for document requests created from TaxFolder.
  • Fixed user interface issue where the delete icon was moving and covering the Recipient Name when using Edit Fields (this would happen when there were multiple recipients of a signature or approval request).
  • Fixed an issue where an individual with a valid TaxCycle login account could inadvertently create a TaxFolder Firm. In this case, the user would receive the message that there was no valid license but then would be prevented from being added to a firm as a preparer or client at a later time.
  • Customer Reported Improved lag in loading the Client list in the dashboard where a firm has a large number of clients and/or engagements.
  • Customer Reported Fixed refresh issue when adding successive engagements in TaxFolder.
  • Customer Reported Fixed issue in the Client Files section where editing the file name would not retain the file name edits.
  • Customer Reported Fixed issue where trying to open a Client File to view, save or print, and it would open a File Explorer upload window.
  • Customer Reported Fixed an error when trying to close an engagement where no preparer is assigned.