TaxFolder Update (March 20, 2021)

Based on recent user feedback, TaxFolder now includes the following enhancements and fixes.

For Tax Preparers

  • New settings allow preparers to configure email addresses shown when sending emails from TaxFolder:
    • Set the reply-to email address to either the preparer or the business email address.
    • Set the from email address to either the preparer or the business email address.
    • Set the format for the From line to either: [Preparer Name] via TaxFolder or [Business Name] via TaxFolder
  • Clicking the link in the email notifying you that a document was signed or approved now takes you directly to the engagement rather than to the Client Dashboard, providing you are already signed in to TaxFolder.
  • Email templates now support messages of up to 2000 characters.
  • The email notification to the preparer when the client uploads documents now waits until the document upload is complete. 
  • Admins can now edit team members’ first name, last name and email address from the Manage Team screen.
  • Team members can now edit their email addresses from their Account Settings.
  • The customer-reported issue of an error when creating a ZIP file for all client files has been resolved by removing colons from the name.

For Clients

  • Usability improvements to the signing page to address issues when viewed on mobile devices:
    • Moved the Next Field and Send Signatures buttons to the left.
    • Moved the Download Original link to the right.
    • Improved the contrast of the colour of the text listing the number of remaining fields.
  • Enhancements to the Documents view in the client portal:
    • Clicking the title in the Description column opens the document for signature or approval.
    • The title of the View Original column was shortened to View.
  • The mobile menu at the top right of the client’s portal is no longer cut off when viewing on an iPhone X.
  • Fixed the display of the preparer and business information on engagements in the client portal when a client has engagements from different firms which are unassigned.
  • Extended the activation link to time out after 48 hours.

In TaxCycle, as of the Next Release

  • Completed dates and signatures fit better in their boxes on templates.
  • Print Family from TaxCycle no longer causes duplicate engagements in TaxFolder.
  • Improved error handling for email templates that exceed the maximum number of allowable characters.