Your feedback becomes features in TaxCycle (2016-17)

Your feedback has always driven what we do in the TaxCycle Suite. Since last year, we have seen even more input. In our online community alone, the number of posts doubled over last year. (Awesome, right?)

Even in the heat of tax season, we are listening. Each release, we include a list of items that changed because of your suggestions. Some came from our online community, some through support requests. In case you didn't read each release note in detail, here is a long list of what you've done for us lately. Thank you for your help and suggestions. Keep 'em coming!

Auto-fill my return (AFR)

  • Export T5008 slips after downloading from Auto-fill my return (AFR).
  • Aggregate T3 slips into one slip when importing.
  • Cumulative balance of unused losses calculated from AFR data.
  • Quick Fix for allocating net capital losses downloaded from Auto-fill my return (AFR).

Right-click functions

  • Right-click to copy or move row on T1135 to spouse.
  • Right-click to transfer donations to spouse.
  • Right-click to select and delete multiple slips.

Jump links

  • Improved F6 jump links for CCA, StatementSum and DepCredSum. CCA tables now jump to the correct Asset entry. StatementSum jumps to the related business statement. DepCredSum jumps to the related dependant worksheet.
  • On the T183, the fields containing the name of the legal representative now jump back to the source field on the Info worksheet.
  • New jump links from the additions, adjustments and proceeds columns on the S8 now take you to the S8Asset. (Thanks to a suggestion on our Community.)

Buttons, menus, and tabs

  • A new Switch to spouse button on the Home menu allows you to jump to the same field/form on the spouse's return just like when you press the F5 key.
  • Extra detail on income statement tabs.
  • Improvements to drop-down lists (based on feedback in our online community).
  • The green colour for non-edit fields has been made darker to improve readability for the visually impaired.

Import/Export and integrations

Review messages

  • In the Review sidebar, cells with overrides still show under the "overrides" view even after they are signed off (suggestion #32 in our online community).
  • The second reviewer can now identify and review all the overridden cells, even if they were checked by a first reviewer. (See how this was fixed in this reply on our online community.)
  • When US donations for the current year or unused prior amounts are greater than 0, and there’s no net US income reported, TaxCycle displays a message to indicate where to enter the US net income on the Donations worksheet.
  • When you enter 000000000 as a SIN for children with CPP survivor benefits, it no longer triggers a review message (suggestion #82 in our online community).
  • The message to enter the birth date no longer prevents electronically filing a T1013 (suggestion posted in our online community).
  • T1 review message for a foreign tax credit (FTC) when the US income exceeds 15% of income plus $1.


  • T1/TP1 New file option to allow you to choose whether to carry forward descriptions for each donation on the Donations worksheet.
  • A new Printer/Output setting allows you to hide Social Insurance Numbers (SIN) or Business Numbers (BN) in the form header when printing to paper or creating a PDF.
  • A new check box was added to the Put data monitor and favourites in field on the Files and Folders page in Options, so you can choose whether to share this folder. This allows you to configure office-wide folders for other settings on this page and leave all users with the default folder for their Data Monitor and Favourites.
  • A new option to view blue and green review check marks in red. To enable this in Options, expand TaxCycle, then Return Preparation and click on the Review page. 

TaxCycle T1

  • Asset summaries for T2125, T2042, and T2121.
  • Improvements to the Donations and TPDonations worksheets.
  • New "long" summaries: FL—Family Summary (long) and JL—Joint Summary (long) show all fields, including those with zero values. 
  • Manitoba tax credit optimizations.
  • The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) amount from T691 is now included in the Family and 2-Year Client Summary.
  • The JInvoice template (FactureJ in French) now lists the detailed schedules even if those schedules have zero amounts. To make this work, you must also: check the box for detailed per-form billing at the top of the Billing worksheet and check the asterisk (*) column next to the form/item in Price options.
  • A new question in the Filing section on the Info worksheet relates to seasonal agricultural workers. Answer Yes to this question to add the text "Seasonal Agricultural Worker" to the T1 Jacket.
  • Additional fields for setting the preparer and firm name on authorization forms.
  • Improved messaging to update information on the Engagement worksheet.
  • T1255 Designation of a Property as a Principal Residence by the Legal Representative of a Deceased Individual, as requested in our online community.
  • Additional fields for setting the preparer and firm name on authorization forms, as suggested in our online community.
  • Reminder added to the Client Letter (Cletter) and Joint Client Letter (JLetter) regarding applying for the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS).
  • Split out the AMT specific amount in 2- and 5-year summaries for easier client review of those amounts.

TaxCycle T2

  • Schedule 3 Maximum taxable dividend estimator, as suggested in our online community.
  • New file defaults on the T2054 and CDA Current Year worksheet.
  • Link DoxCycle and TaxCycle T2 files.
  • A new "Additions or deductions" column has been added to S13, S13WS and the AT1 S17. 
  • The "Balance at the end of the year" column on S13, S13WS and the AT1 S17 now calculates automatically.

TaxCycle T4/T4A, T5, T5018, T5013, T3, T3010 and Forms

  • T3, T4/T4A, T5, T5018—Standardized Engagement worksheet (Suggestion from our online community.)
  • T4/T4A, T5, T5018—Enter a Secondary contact email address in xml transmitted to the CRA when filing slips.
  • T3—The Specific Amount column on the Allocation worksheet now lets you allocate amounts using cents.
  • T3—A review message was added to alert you when the manual allocation to beneficiaries on the T3BEN does not match the total amount available to allocate on the Allocation worksheet.
  • T4—Minimum variance on option 4 in the T4 adjustment options. (Suggestion from our online community.)
  • T3010—Including the RC7066. (Suggestion from our online community.)
  • T3010—Making GST66 a multi-copy form. (Suggestion from our online community.)
  • Slips modules—Adding identification when printing slips to more easily differentiate recipient copy from filing copy.


  • Custom stamps.
  • T2 schema and linking to TaxCycle T2.
  • Scan directly to email.

Client Manager

  • Speed and stability improvements.
  • Several improvements to Excel® exports.
  • Simplified first-time Client Manager setup.
  • Show/hide columns, reorder columns, and save layouts.
  • New Client Manager filters for locked/unlocked files, and for carried forward/not carried forward files.
  • Right-click copy taxpayer details in the Client Manager.


  • Automatic data-locking of completed T1 and T2 files.
  • Password-protect TaxCycle files.


  • The ability to reorder workflow items.

Template Editor

  • Addition of a collapsible sidebar with three tabs: Templates, Properties and Preview.
  • Search bar at the top of the list of templates to quickly narrow the results by template name.
  • Redesign of the list of templates to show more in the list. The Clone button is still on the right of each template, but you must now right-click to delete a template from the list.
  • Within each module folder, French templates appear at the bottom of the list when you work in English and vice-versa if you work in French.
  • Properties sidebar replaces the blue properties space that used to appear at the top of the code view. It now contains options for specifying a culture (meaning the language and the format of numbers and dates) for a template.
  • A new drop-down menu was added to the Properties tab to allow you to select the built-in template that a custom template replaces. Previously, you could only make a template unique. 
  • The module/year to which a template applies now shows as a link in the Properties sidebar. Click this link to select the modules to which it applies. (No more typing T1TY2016;T1TY2015; if you want to apply a template to more than one year.)
  • A new type of template, called a snippet, has been added to allow you to insert a template within a template. These are now used to insert the letterhead and closing signature in all built-in letter and invoice templates. Read the Snippets: letterhead and closing help topic to learn more.
  • All 2016 T1 templates are now available in French as well as English. They work like the forms in the rest of TaxCycle: you can switch between English and French using the En or Fr button in the blue bar at the bottom of the window, and they change in the print sets based on the taxpayer's language. When creating a template, you now must assign a culture for the template. This adjusts both the language and the format of dates and currency.
  • The Preview tab allows you to choose between taxpayers in currently opened tax returns for previewing your template changes. These names used to appear along the bottom of the Template Editor window.
  • New view options allow you to view the code and preview of templates side-by-side or top-and-bottom. 
  • When you click on the New button, the list of possible modules appears in a dialog box so that it is easier to check the module(s) you want.
  • Logo and signature images inserted from Options now size correctly when you customize a template.