Known Issue: CRA Technical Issues Impacting T2 AFR and Slips Filing

Following the CRA’s system-wide update on May 13, we have learned that T2 AFR and slips filing in TaxCycle may result in unknown errors.

known issue Auto-fill my return AFR T2
Known Issue: T4 2024—T4Summary Box 80 Excluding T4 Boxes 16A and 27A

TaxCycle T4 2024 is excluding the amounts from boxes 16A and 27A on the T4 slip from the total amount in box 80 on the T4Summary. 

known issue T4
Office will be closed on Monday, May 20, 2024 (Victoria Day)

When the office is closed, you can send us an email at or leave a voice mail message by calling us toll-free at 1-888-841-3040.

office closure
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The TaxCycle Ask Us Anything Webinar is Back!

Join TaxCycle's Ask Us Anything webinar to directly engage with our team! Send us your pressing questions about enhancements, upcoming features, or any other inquiries.

TaxCycle 13.1.53204.0—T3/TP-646 for 2024 (Revised)

This TaxCycle release rolls over the T3/TP-646 module to the 2024 tax year and adds several customer requests to TaxCycle T3.

release notes T3 TP-646
RESOLVED: TaxCycle 13.1.53134.0 Clearing Payment Status

TaxCycle version 13.1.53134.0 is clearing the “Payment received” workflow task for files with module years prior to 2024. This issue affects TaxCycle files that are saved in version 13.1.53134.0. 

known issue
T1 ReFile and T1-ADJ Webinar Rescheduled

T1 ReFile and T1-ADJ webinar reschedule due to unforeseen technical difficulties. New webinar scheduled for Wednesday, May 8th.

It's Time to Retire Windows® 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2

Microsoft support for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 ended in 2023. TaxCycle and DoxCycle will stop supporting these operating systems after May 12, 2024.

system requirements
Resuming Regular Weekday Support Hours as of Monday, May 6th

As of Monday, May 6th, we will resume our regular hours of support from Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MT (10 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET).

support hours
RESOLVED: Incorrect Calculations on TP1 Schedule J and TP-1029.61.MD

The latest version of TaxCycle is not correctly calculating the amounts on line 23 of the TP1 Schedule J and Part 4 of the TP-1029.61.MD.

known issue TP1
Canada Carbon Rebate (CCR) Increase for Rural Residents

Clients claiming the CCR are receiving the rural supplement of 10% instead of the increased amount of 20%. This is because the increase is still pending Royal Assent.

Canada Carbon Rebate CCR CRA
Incorrect CRA Penalty for Late-filed Bare Trusts

The CRA is erroneously charging some bare trusts a penalty for late filing T3 Schedule 15 after March 30 and before April 3, 2024.

TaxCycle 13.1.52895.0—Download Only

This version of TaxCycle addresses recently reported customer concerns.

release notes T1 Forms module SERs
TaxFolder Tip: Signatures on Pension Splitting Form T1032

When requesting an electronic signature on the T1032, TaxCycle automatically sends the form to both the principal taxpayer and spouse/common-law partner. This can have unintended consequences.

TaxFolder T1032
TaxFolder Update (April 8, 2024)

On April 8, 2024, we deployed an update to TaxFolder that resolves an issue discovered since the last release.

release notes TaxFolder
RESOLVED: Incorrect Amount in Box 25 in TaxCycle T3

In TaxCycle T3, the allocation to beneficiaries is incorrectly including foreign capital gains in box 25 (Foreign non-business income) when it is already included in box 21.

known issue T3
Request E-signatures From Clients Without a First Name

Learn how to request e-signatures from clients without a first name from TaxCycle and TaxFolder.

TaxFolder e-signatures
DoxCycle 13.1.52818.0—PDF Import

This version of DoxCycle resolves issues discovered since the last release.

release notes DoxCycle
RESOLVED: Incorrect Amount on line 160, Part 10 of T2 Schedule 63

TaxCycle is incorrectly calculating the amount on line 160 in Section 10 of the T2 Schedule 63.

known issue T2 T2 Schedule 63
Why Doesn't TaxFolder E-signature Status Show in Client Manager?

We understand why tax preparers want to see e-signature status in the list of returns in the Client Manager, but it would cause other problems.

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Earn CPD credits and boost your productivity with TaxCycle's comprehensive library of expert-led webinars, tailored specifically for tax professionals.

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Bare trusts are exempt from trust reporting requirements for 2023

The CRA just introduced new reporting requirements for trusts.

bare trusts
TaxCycle 13.1.52777.0—2023 Multiple Jurisdiction Returns

This version of TaxCycle allows the transmission of multiple jurisdiction returns in TaxCycle T1 2023.

release notes T1 T3 UHT-2900
DoxCycle 13.1.52695.0—T4A and RC210 Updates (Revised)

This version of DoxCycle adds Box 15 to the T4A and allows you to manually add Box 11 to the RC210. 

release notes DoxCycle
TaxCycle 13.1.52666.0—2024 Slips Modules

This release rolls over T4/T4A, T5, T5018, T2202 and NR4 slips to 2024.

release notes slips T1 T3 T4 UHT-2900 client manager
Error 1720: SERs UHT-2900 Filing Issue

Claiming an exemption in Part 6 and answering Yes to the question at line line 605 triggers error 1720.

known issue SERs EFILE error UHT
TaxFolder Update (March 14, 2024)

On March 14, 2024, we deployed an update to TaxFolder that includes the several improvements and fixes to customer-reported issues.

release notes TaxFolder
CRA's Updated Guidance on Penalty Relief for T3 Bare Trusts

The CRA has updated their guidance on penalty relief for 2023 T3 bare trust returns.

CRA T3 Bare Trusts
First-time Filers: EFILE Error 16

To resolve this error, answer Yes to the first-time filer question on the Info worksheet for any T1 return sent to the CRA for the very first time.

EFILE error
EFILE Error Codes 149-R, 110-B and 960576

First-time filer's name and the BC renter's tax credit.

EFILE error T1