TaxCycle 9.1.39221.0—Automatic Update

DocuSign® electronic signatures on T1032 and T1255. Changes requested by TaxCycle customers.

release notes
UPDATED: EFILE Error 92271

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has investigated EFILE error 92271 and has determined a change made in early May cause certain returns that were previously accepted to now be rejected.

Calculation Error on Form NU479 - Nunavut Credits

The CRA recently learned that there was an minor error in the calculation of the Nunavut cost of living supplement for single parents.

Extended Filing Deadlines for Corporations and Trusts

The CRA, RQ and the Govt of Alberta have extended some filing deadlines for corporations and trusts to September 1, 2020.

RESOLVED: CO-17 transmission error code 13965

Known Issue. CO-17 error code 13965 due to incorrect service version number.

known issue
CRA Delays T2 AGRI EFILE System Update

File returns with tax year ends after December 31, 2018 on paper until TaxCycle T2 updated in Dec. 2020.

CRA AgriStability EFILE
TaxCycle 9.1.38833.0—CO-17 Update. 2020 T4, T5 and T5018

Enhanced slips summaries. Guaranteed income supplement (GIS) worksheet. NetFile of adjusted TP1 returns.

release notes
A new look for

We've launched a new design for our website at We hope you like it!

RESOLVED: T1032 line 68040 overstated

The calculation of line 68040 (transfer to spouse) on form T1032 (Joint Election to Split Pension Income) was not accounting for box 109.

known issue
CRA COVID-19: Already filed paper returns

As of April 20, 2020 the Canada Revenu Agency (CRA) will allow the transmission of a return even if it has already been mailed to CRA on paper, as long as it has not yet been processed.

TaxCycle 9.1.38571.0—E-Signatures on Québec MR-69

This update adds the electronic signatures for the Québec MR-69 form and resolved issues reported since the prior version.

release notes
TaxCycle 9.1.38552.0—Electronic Signatures

This release adds the ability to send documents to your clients for electronic signatures using DocuSign and Adobe Reader.

release notes
Video Tax News Logo
Video Tax News: COVID-19 Updates and Resources

Our friends at Video Tax News have published a useful list of links to COVID-19 resources and updates specifically for accounting professionals.

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Save 20% on a DocuSign® Annual Plan

TaxCycle users save 20% when they purchase an annual plan before May 31, 2020 through this page.

RESOLVED: Incorrect calculation on the T4PS

We discovered that a calculation on the T4PS is incorrect. The gross-up percentage calculates at a rate of 16% rather than 15%.

known issue
RESOLVED: Net Capital Loss on Québec CO-1012

TaxCycle incorrectly calculates the Net Capital Loss at line 10 (in column C) using the gross amount (100%) rather than the 50% inclusion rate.

known issue
Randy Tebbutt 2019
Randy, We Will Miss You

Randy Tebbutt 1964 – 2020. It is with great sadness we share with you that one of our own passed suddenly this week.

CRA Extends Filing and Payment Due Dates

The Canada Revenue Agency will defer the filing due date for the 2019 tax returns of individuals, including certain trusts.

TaxCycle 9.1.38268.0—Extension to T1/TP1 Due Dates

This release adds updates T1 and TP1 payment and filing due date extensions.

release notes
Revenu Québec Extends Filing and Payment Due Dates

Revenu Québec has introduced flexibility measures for individuals and businesses affected by the COVID-19 situation. A summary appears below.

An Update on Our Response to COVID-19

We want to reassure you that TaxCycle has a continuity plan to support your business during this time.

RESOLVED: Transferring Donations Between Spouses

Issue with transferring donation amounts between spouses in coupled returns in TaxCycle T1 2019.

known issue
TaxCycle 9.1.38167.0—Customer Requests/Reports

This update addresses recent requests received through customer support. Install this update if you need to download tuition data from AFR.

release notes
DoxCycle 9.0.38113.0—Technology Update

This release brings DoxCycle up-to-date with technology changes previously made to TaxCycle.

release notes
RESOLVED: Québec TPC Lines 42, 44, 46

A calculation change made the amounts on lines 42, 44 and 46 of Québec TP1 Schedule C (TPC) higher than they should be.

known issue
RESOLVED: Error Importing AFR Tuition Data

We discovered an issue where importing Auto-fill my return (AFR) data containing tuition information causes an error in TaxCycle.

known issue
RESOLVED: Cannot File Dec. 31 Year End T1135 from TaxCycle T5013

The CRA currently rejects T1135s electronically filed from TaxCycle T5013 if the partnership has a fiscal period end of December 31, 2019, or later.

known issue
TaxCycle 9.1.38026.0—Ready for EFILE and NetFile

TaxCycle T1 is certified by the CRAfor filing 2019 returns when EFILE systems open Monday, February 24, 2020.

release notes
RESOLVED: Medical Expenses Field Code

The Medical Expenses section on the 2019 T1 client letters does not show because it refers to the S1 instead of the T1 jacket.

known issue
TaxCycle 9.0.37934.0—AFR and T1013 Replacement

This release replaces the T1013 form with the AuthRep worksheet in TaxCycle T1 and includes CRA certification for Auto-fill my return (AFR).

release notes