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Comprehensive professional tax software for Canadian accountants, bookkeepers and tax preparers

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The TaxCycle Suite streamlines the entire tax return preparation process. Things you've been doing your whole career as a professional tax preparer are quicker, simpler and more intuitive in TaxCycle.

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Integrated Tax Suite

From file carryforward to return completion, the TaxCycle Suite's single single install gives you access to returns for all Canadian jurisdictions, integrates with your clients' accounting software and easily shares information between those returns.

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Reduced Data Entry

Save time with smarter Auto-fill my return (AFR) data download. Carry back to prior years. Scan and import from DoxCycle. Refresh carryforwards. Smart copy/paste. Corporate linking. Excel® import. SlipSync slips to T1 returns.

Quick Fix answer

Accurate Returns

Thousands of review messages immediately alert you to potential issues. And Quick Fix solutions help you resolve them in one click. You can even disable the review messages you don’t need. Manage multiple reviewers with review marks and memos.

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Find out for yourself why thousands of tax preparers have already switched. Get up and running in just 10 minutes with your free trial of the TaxCycle Suite. Seamlessly carry forward returns from DT Max®, Cantax®, Taxprep® and ProFile® software.

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Tax Modules
Complete Paperless
Tax Suite
T1 — Personal Tax      
TP1 — Québec Personal Tax      
T2 — Corporate Tax      
T3 — Trust Tax      
T5013 — Partnership Income      
T4 — Remuneration and Other Income      
T5 — Investment Income      
T5018 — Contractor Payments      
T2202 — Tuition and Enrolment Certificate      
Forms — Assorted Forms      
NR4 — Non-Residents      
T3010 — Registered Charities      
RL — Québec Relevés      
TaxFolder — E-Signatures and More Separate subscription required.
DoxCycle — Document Management      
Client Manager      
Template Editor      

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