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The TaxCycle Forms module helps you prepare a variety of government forms for your clients. 

Use these forms for a individuals, corporations, trusts, charities or partnerships. Select the type of taxpayer and jurisdiction on the Info worksheet to adjust the available fields.

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Forms and features

Number of returns Unlimited
Prepare forms for 2015 to 2017
TaxCycle Forms  Yes
Info - Taxpayer Information Yes
Engagement Information Yes
CPT1 - Request for a ruling as to the status of a worker under the Canada Pension Plan and/or Employment Insurance Act Yes
CP100 - Appeal of a ruling under the Canada Pension Plan and/or Employment Insurance Act Yes
PD24 - Application for a refund of overdeducted CPP contributions or EI premiums coming soon
T123 - Election on disposition of Canadian securities Yes
T2022 - Election in respect of the sale of debts receivable Yes
T2057 - Election on disposition of property by a taxpayer to a taxable Canadian corporation  Yes
T2058 - Election on disposition of property by a partnership to a taxable Canadian corporation  Yes
T2059 - Election for disposition of property by a taxpayer to a Canadian partnership  Yes
T2060 - Election for disposition of property upon cessation of partnership coming soon
GST20 - Election for GST/HST reporting period Yes
RC4616 (formerly GST25) - Election or revocation of the election to treat certain taxable supplies as having been made for nil consideration Yes
GST44 - Election concerning the acquisition of a business or part of a business Yes
GST60 - Return for acquisition of real property Yes
GST66 - Application for GST/HST public service bodies' rebate and GST self-government refund Yes
GST70 - Election or revocation of an election to change a GST/HST fiscal year Yes
GST71 - Notification of accounting periods Yes
GST74 - Election and revocation of an election to use the quick method of accounting Yes
GST159 - Notice of objection  Yes
Rental worksheet Yes
 T1261 - Application for a Canada Revenue Agency individual tax number (ITN) for non-residents Yes
 T2062 - Request by a non-resident of Canada for a certification of compliance related to the disposition of taxable Canadian property  Yes
 NR6 - Undertaking to file an income tax return by a non-resident receiving rent from a real or immovable property or receiving a timber royalty  Yes 
T400A - Objection to a notice of assessment or a notice of determination Yes
T1134 and T1134 Supplement - Information return relating to controlled and not-controlled foreign affiliates Yes
RC1 - Request for a business number (BN) Yes
RC199 - Voluntary disclosures program (VDP) taxpayer agreement Yes
FIN196 - Application for a refund of logging tax Yes
FIN542P - Logging return of income for processors Yes
FIN542S - Logging tax return of income Yes
FIN571 - Authorization pursuant to the Logging Tax Act Yes

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