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TaxCycle 100% Tax Guarantee professional tax preparationOur professional tax software is made from the best of today's technology paired with familiar shortcuts and forms. This means you'll process tax returns more efficiently than ever before!


Refreshing professional tax software suite

Should tax preparers demand more from their software vendors? Let's face it, in the last ten years, we've seen amazing technological advances, yet other professional tax software looks almost exactly like it did in 2002. We've changed that. Refreshing tax preparation and source document management software for Canadian accountants and tax preparers. 

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No matter the return type your are filing, our EFILE-first workflow speeds preparation, increases accuracy and streamlines government electronic submission.

EFILE-first workflow

EFILE is essential for all tax return submission, so we created tax software that makes it part of preparing returns. 

  • No separate windows
  • Constant visibility of transmission-readiness
  • A process that guides you through filing, from consent to dealing with rejections

Support you can count on

Your support requests are answered in Canada by the tax analysts and developers who build our software. This means timely updates and enhancements you have recognize.

Accurate returns. Guaranteed.

Sleep easy! We guarantee the accuracy of our T1 tax calculations.

TaxCycle has really changed how things go around here! I am even managing to get sleep!!! Better yet, I was able to take time to run the 10K Sun Run in Vancouver this past April.

Mark Gershon, Gershon & Co.
Accounting and Tax Ltd.

Comprehensive tax software for your practice

Prepare multiple years from one program, pro tax software

Prepare multiple years from one program

Prepare 2012 to 2016 tax years in TaxCycle T1. And, fiscal years starting at January 1, 2011 in TaxCycle T2.

quickly access multiple applications, pro tax software canada

Integrated tax suite

Quickly access multiple applications and tax years from a single program user interface.

carry forward, profile tax software, intuit profile, taxprep, cantax, visualtax, dt max, dt tax, taxcycle

Comprehensive carry forward - ProFile®, Taxprep® and Cantax®

Carry forward from Intuit ProFile®, Taxprep® and Cantax®. Import client contact information from VisualTax®  Power database to create new returns.

client management, pro tax software, tax preparation software for accountants, tax preparation software for professionals, tax preparation software for tax preparers
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Modern database for client management

The Client Manager database makes it easy to find files and keep track of return status. It even manages prior-year ProFile® and Cantax® files, so it's easy to carry forward, or check on old returns.

review features, pro tax software
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Proactive review features ensure accuracy

Quick Fix messages that let you correct errors without jumping, links to multiple forms from one message, and configurable review messages keep you one step ahead.

Template client emails, taxcycle, tax software professional
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Template client emails, letters and invoices

Our built-in templates make it easy to merge client data into emails, letters and invoices. And the template editor allows you to fully customize your correspondence. 

Widescreen and multiple monitor, taxcycle, cra tax software
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Widescreen and multiple monitor support

Open as many or as few windows as you want so you can watch schedules update in one window while you enter data in another. Compare previous-year data, or prepare linked spouse's return.

organize clients' slips and receipts, t4 preparation software
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Easily organize clients' slips and receipts 

Capture your clients' source slip data in DoxCycle and use it to prepare returns in TaxCycle T1. Your digital archive saves you time when you need to submit a document request to CRA.

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Sophisticated API for enterprise integration and automation

Technically-handy accountants—or those hiring savvy programmers—can extend TaxCycle and DoxCycle using our flexible API.

Easy file sharing, tax return software

Easy file sharing, option handling and network management

Share options, files, templates easily over all types of networks: from single-desktop users to national multi-office firms.

Choose a suite, combo or bundle

TaxCycle and DoxCycle are available individually or for advantageous pricing in the suites, bundles or combos below.

  Everything Suite  Paperless Office Tax Basics T1 Bundle 
TaxCycle T1 Yes Yes Yes Yes
TaxCycle TP1
DoxCycle Yes Yes   Yes
TaxCycle T2/CO-17 Yes  Yes  Yes  
TaxCycle T3 Yes      
TaxCycle T4/T4A Yes Yes Yes  
TaxCycle NR4
TaxCycle T5 Yes Yes Yes  
TaxCycle T3010 Yes      
TaxCycle T5013 Yes      
TaxCycle T5018 Yes  Yes    
Client Manager Yes  Yes  Yes  
Template Editor Yes  Yes  Yes  


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