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Version 6.2.32075.0

Release Notes
August 2, 2017



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Version 6.1.31358.0

Release Notes
March 20, 2017


Last three versions

We recommend always using the latest version of our software. But, should you ever need to roll back to a prior release, you can download the last three versions from here.

TaxCycle DoxCycle

Download version 6.2.32069.0

August 1, 2017Release Notes

Download version 6.1.31276.0

March 7, 2017Release Notes

Download version 6.2.31949.0

July 6, 2017Release notes

Download version 6.1.31249.0

March 2, 2017Release Notes

Download version 6.2.31935.0

June 30, 2017Release notes

Download version 6.1.31203.0

February 23, 2017Release Notes


Previous major versions

Just in case you need them, we keep the final versions from prior years for you.

TaxCycle DoxCycle

Download TaxCycle 2015 version 5.0.29539.0

Download DoxCycle 2015 version 5.0.29437.0

Download TaxCycle 2014 version 3.2.27272.0

Download DoxCycle 2014 version 4.0.26897.0

Download TaxCycle 2013 version 2.1.23322.0

Download DoxCycle 2013 version 3.1.23743.0

Download TaxCycle 2012 version 1.38.20991.0

Download DoxCycle 2012 version 2.3.21552.0

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