RESOLVED: TaxCycle Can't Connect to the Notification Service

We have received reports that sometimes TaxCycle can’t connect to the Notification Service. The Notification Service captures notifications of signing events coming from TaxFolder and DocuSign®. When you open a return, TaxCycle connects and retrieves those messages to track them in the return.

You can see the status of the connection by checking the status icon in the blue bar at the bottom of the TaxCycle window.

Click the button once to connect to the Notification Service manually. If it turns red, TaxCycle can’t connect.


Try these things if you encounter this issue:

  1. Click the status icon to connect manually.
  2. Wait a few minutes and try again. During peak times, it may work if you try again later.
  3. Sign out of your TaxCycle Account, then sign back in.
  4. Download the signed PDF file from TaxFolder or DocuSign® and manually enter the date/time on the signature confirmation step to proceed with EFILE. 


On the evening of Friday, April 22, 2022, we performed maintenance to allow the Notification Service better scale under load. Please make sure to close and reopen TaxCycle after that date to reconnect to the service.

This issue was resolved as of the latest TaxFolder update.