RESOLVED: TaxFolder Signature Status for T1032

TaxCycle marks form T1032 (Joint Election to Split Pension Income) as signed after TaxFolder receives the electronic signature from only one taxpayer. It should only show a signed status once both taxpayers sign the form.

After one taxpayer signs form T1032:

  • The blue banner at the top of the form in TaxCycle shows a message that the form has the required signatures but clicking the link to view the document downloads a PDF with no signatures.
  • Both signatures fields on the T1032 in TaxCycle show a signed status.
  • Other forms printed to TaxFolder in the same signature request along with the T1032 (as part of a print set, for example) also show as signed in TaxCycle.

In TaxFolder, the status still shows as In Progress and you cannot download the signed document.

If you usually follow the steps in the E-signatures on Form T1032 (Pension Splitting) help topic, your requests are likely less affected by this issue.


If the original request includes form T1032, watch for the Signed Document is Ready email notification from TaxFolder to confirm that all document signatures are complete.

Verify the status in the TaxFolder Client Dashboard.


This issue was resolved in the latest TaxFolder update.