TaxFolder Update (Sept. 12, 2022)—French Email Notifications

On September 12, 2022, we deployed an update to Please note that some features will only work after the next TaxCycle release.

Release Highlights

Expanded Document States

Documents sent for approval or signature can now show all of the following states in the badges next to the document request. (Note that these states are separate from the email notification states that show whether or not links in the email were clicked on.)

  • Created, after creating a document.
  • Sent, after sending an email notification to the client(s).
  • Viewed, once the client views the document. If more than one person must sign the document, this state displays after at least one person has viewed the document.
  • Incomplete, when more than one person must sign the document and at least one signature was received.
  • Completed (signed), once the client(s) electronically signs or approves a document.
  • Completed (manually), if a preparer manually marks the document as completed or signed on paper (no electronic signature received).
  • Expired, when the signature or approval link has expired.
  • Declined, when the client declines the signature or approval request.
  • Failed, when the document request could not be processed or completed.
  • Voided, when the preparer voids the signature request in TaxFolder or TaxCycle. This stores a record of the original request but the document cannot be signed. 
    Screen Capture: Void Document From TaxFolder

When a document is Voided or Declined, TaxFolder asks for a reason and provides the opportunity to add a comment. These details then appear in the email notification sent to the preparer and client.
Screen Capture: Void Document Reason

You can also view any comments in the Client Dashboard. Select Void Comments or Declined Comments from the menu next to the document.
Screen Capture: Void Comments Menu

New French Email Notifications

We are making the first step toward French language support in TaxFolder by offering client and preparer email notifications in French. As of this update, the following email notifications respect the client and preparer's language preference, and include the preferred language from TaxCycle templates and for the body of the email notification. Language preference is set on a per-user basis and will eventually be applied globally for all areas of TaxFolder. (See below for instructions on setting the language preference.)

We will continue adding French in other areas over the next six to twelve months, focusing on the client-facing areas first, including the client portal, public web pages and client-facing document processing.

New Language Preference

Set a default language preference for your firm and new clients/preparers on the Organization page in Account Settings:

Screen Capture: Language Preference

Preparers can update the language preference for a client in the Client Settings:

Screen Capture: Client Language

Clients can manage their own language preference on the Settings page in the Client Portal:

Screen Capture: Language Setting - Client Portal

Preparers can update their language preference on the Preparer page in Account Settings:
Screen Capture: Account Language

Client Email Unsubscribe

To provide more flexibility and improve the frequency that messages from TaxFolder land in the primary inbox, clients can now unsubscribe from the following types of email notifications by clicking the link in the footer of the message:

  • Completed engagements
  • Confirmations of signatures
  • Documents shared by preparer
  • Signature requests

Unsubscribed emails will show a status of Dropped in the Client Dashboard.

Reorganized Account Settings

We reorganized some items under the Account Settings menu. Please review your settings.

  • Organization
  • Preparer
  • Team
  • Notification
  • Client Portal

Screen Capture: Account Settings

Signature Undo

A new Undo button below the signature box allows clients to undo the last part of the signature they wrote. The user does not have to redraw the whole signature if they make a mistake—just the last portion drawn.

TaxCycle Updates

The following changes will become available in the next TaxCycle release.

  • Updates to History and the banner that appears above documents to support the Manually Completed and Void document states.
  • A new History event for signature requests that are Resent.
  • Language preference support for client email notifications sent from TaxCycle through TaxFolder.
    • New clients created from TaxCycle will use the language setting from the print dialog to set the preference for a new client in TaxFolder.
    • Existing clients already in TaxFolder will have the default language set to English. Please update the setting from the Client Dashboard or ask your client to change their settings in the Client Portal (see above).

Resolved Issues

  • Selecting an expired link required authentication before the expired notice would show. Expired links will now show the expired link message when clicked instead of going to the authentication page.
  • Signature rendering above where the signature is written on certain devices.
  • Timeout for document signatures not working when navigating to a document from the Gmail app on a mobile device.
  • Custom date filter was not working as expected in history.
  • Known Issue: TaxFolder Signature Status for T1032