Template Editor

Take your client communications to the next level

No matter what kind of tax return you're preparing, it's important to maintain an effective relationship with your clients. Clean, comprehensive client communications help you do that. This is why each and every TaxCycle module contains default letters or email templates to help you with this task. 

Unlimited templates

Depending on the needs of your tax office, you may send a wide variety of communications to your clients. From engagement letters to post-season follow-ups, from marketing emails and invoices, if you have the Template Editor, you are never limited to a fixed number of templates. Create as many as you want.

Merge client data

The true power of the Template Editor is in its ability to merge data from your clients tax returns:

  • Easily copy and paste field codes to automatically insert merged data
  • Do math with the merged amounts or constants
  • Create conditions to show or hide sections of letters

One template for multiple years

You can even share templates across multiple years and insert constants to handle dates for the current tax year, or for prior years. This makes the yearly rollover of clients and software quick and easy.

TaxCycle Template Editor, merge data from your clients tax returns

The Template Editor is now included free with all purchases of our suites and individual products.

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Live preview of your changes

Preview changes using the data from any open TaxCycle file as you edit the template. No more saving and switching back to the main window.

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Label printers

Does your desk include a label printer like the Brother QL-570 or the Dymo Turbo 450? Create templates for quickly printing single labels for mailing or filing tax returns.

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T183s, T1013, RC59, etc...

Send any letter as an email through the Prepare sidebar. Or, set up a template as a cover letter when you create and send PDFs to your client.

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Easily share your templates

Create one set of templates for your office and share them on the network with everyone. Just point a folder to where you need it.

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HTML and CSS for the experts

TaxCycle templates are written in HTML and CSS, so those who code can manipulate the layout and formatting in code.

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WYSIWYG for the rest of us

For the rest of us, the Template Editor is What You See Is What You Get, so you can use it like a regular word processor.

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