TaxFolder Update (May 24, 2023)

On May 24, 2023, we deployed an update to TaxFolder that includes several improvements and fixes.

New! Delete Client

You can now delete a client from the client list or from the client engagement page. Please note the following:

  • Deleted clients can no longer access their Client Portal.
  • Links to any in-progress signature or approval requests for a deleted client will return an error message.
  • TaxCycle will display an error message if you try to send a request to a deleted client.
  • You must restore a deleted client in TaxFolder to send them a request from TaxCycle.
  • Restoring a deleted client also restores access to all the related engagements and documents.Screen Capture: Delete Client in TaxFolder

Other Changes

  • Added a new drop-down menu next to each client name to allow for adding an engagement, resending a client invite, editing client profiles and deleting or restoring clients without having to navigate to the client engagement page. Screen Capture: New drop-down menu in TaxFolder client list
  • Added an option to show or hide deleted clients in the client list in the Client DashboardScreen Capture: Hide Deleted Clients from the client list

Resolved Issues

  • Moved the creation of a new firm from the main sign in button to a new page to address an issue where firms were created unintentionally in some circumstances. See the Getting Started with TaxFolder help topic to learn more about creating a firm.
  • Fixed the onboarding process for new team members who have admin access to take them directly to the Preparer profile section instead of through the entire onboarding process.
  • Customer Reported Fixed the page title in the browser tab when a client has multiple profiles to choose from.
  • Resolved an intermittent issue that occurred when converting to PDF and the document signature request included an image.
  • Added a confirmation requirement when resending a client or a preparer invite.
  • Customer Request TaxFolder now automatically changes the engagement status to “In Progress” when sending new signature requests from TaxCycle to a completed engagement.
  • Customer Reported Fixed an issue where the signature was getting cut off when changing from landscape to portrait mode on certain mobile phones.
  • Customer Reported Reduced the overall width of the signature field to better accommodate common forms. 
  • Improved error handling for DataTable errors and added a refresh button to all of the dashboard tabs.
  • Customer Reported Resolved reported concurrency issues related to working in multiple tabs in a browser or with multiple users in the same firm.
  • Customer Request Added the Preparer name in the shared secret email notification when adding a new team member.
  • Fixed an issue where the country flag did not save after editing a client.