TaxCycle version 6.1.31525.0—ReFILE for 2015 tax year, T2054 changes, AFR tweaks

This optional update adds ReFILE for 2015 T1 returns and changes to the T2 T2054/CDA Current Year worksheet. It also includes a few other optional changes to AFR, the TL2 and Client Manager indexing.

release notes

Webroot security software falsely identifying TaxCycle as malicious

The WebRoot security software has falsely identified TaxCycle as malicious. WebRoot has corrected these problems and users can now safely restore the quarantined files.

TaxCycle version 6.1.31490.0—Asset summary, right-click T1135 transfer to spouse, optional fixes

This optional update adds a few customer-requested enhancements that we would like you to try before the end of the season.

TaxCycle is CRA certified for ReFILE! Watch this video to learn how to use ReFILE in TaxCycle.

By John (Trilogy Software) on 4/21/2017

We are very pleased to announce that our latest release of TaxCycle is certified by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for ReFILE.


TaxCycle version 6.1.31456.0—Correction to calculation on T2091 and change to the Quick Fix message for net capital losses downloaded from AFR

This TaxCycle update provides an important correction to the calculation of the number of years a property was owned on the T2091.  It also includes an adjustment to the Quick Fix message related to Auto-fill my return (AFR) net capital loss data, an updated T2054 in TaxCycle T2, and new Client Manager filters.

release notes

Technical support hours during the Easter long weekend

We are open for technical support during the Easter long weekend. 

support hours

RESOLVED Known Issue: Line 5 on the T2091 calculates one fewer year than required

TaxCycle T1 currently calculates the number of years the property was owned on line 5 of the T2091 as one year fewer than required.

known issue

2016 AgriStability and AgriInvest Program–PIN required to EFILE forms

Starting with the 2016 program year, the client’s Participant Identification Number (PIN) must be provided to electronically file AgriStability and AgriInvest forms to the CRA.


TaxCycle version 6.1.31427.0—Multiple jurisdiction returns certified for T1 EFILE, new long T1 summaries, Québec Solidarity tax credit estimate

This TaxCycle release is certified for filing multiple-jurisdiction returns using Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) T1 EFILE. It also includes changes to Saskatchewan PST rate, estimated Québec Solidarity tax credit, and enhancements to T1 summaries (including French translations).

release notes

Life in the Tax Lane—April 2017 (Episode 23)

By John (Trilogy Software) on 3/31/2017

Find out what Video Tax News has to say about the 2017 federal budget in the latest episode of Life in the Tax Lane.

video tax news


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