TaxCycle version 6.2.32075.0—Approval codes for electronic filing of the T1135 and the AT1 in TaxCycle T2/CO-17

This release updates the approval codes for electronic filing of the T1135 and the AT1 in the most recent module of TaxCycle T2/CO-17. It also contains other minor changes related to loading forms and bulletins. 

release notes

TaxCycle version 6.2.32069.0—Preview removed from T3 2017, other smaller changes

This version removes the Preview watermark from TaxCycle T3 2017. It also contains other smaller changes to competitor carryforwards and memory usage. 

release notes

New class 14.1 added

The eligible capital property (ECP) rules are repealed and replaced by new Class 14.1 to the Income Tax Regulations (the Regulations), effective on January 1, 2017.

class 14.1
Eligible Capital Property rules

LAST CHANCE to save up to $175 on the TaxCycle Suite - Summer Sale ends Friday, July 14th

By John (Trilogy Software) on 7/13/2017

Our Summer Sale ends TOMORROW - Friday, July 14th. Now is the best time to buy your professional tax software for the 2017 tax year. Lock in your best price and save up to $175 on the TaxCycle Suite with your choice of a convenient monthly payment plan. It's an amazing deal, so don't miss out!

TaxCycle version 6.2.31949.0—Carryforward now available from ProFile® T1 and T3, Cantax® T1, and Taxprep® T3

This update activates ProFile®, Cantax® T1, and Taxprep® T3 carryforwards from 2016 to 2017 that were not available in version 6.2.31935.0.

release notes

RESOLVED Known issue: T106 used condition in T2

Version 6.2.31935.0 of TaxCycle contains an issue with the used condition on the T106.

known issue

Your feedback becomes features in TaxCycle. Look what you've done for TaxCycle this year!

Your feedback has always driven what we do in the TaxCycle Suite. Since last year, we have seen even more input. Each release, we include a list of items that changed because of your suggestions. Some come from our online community, some through support requests. Read a full list of what you've helped us accomplish this year. Thank you for your help. Keep the suggestions coming!


Not ready to buy? It's a great time to try TaxCycle—Summer sale ends July 14, 2017

By John (Trilogy Software) on 7/5/2017

You've probably heard we're running our Summer Sale right now. While it's the best deal we will offer on our 2017-18 TaxCycle Suite of products, if you're thinking of switching, you may not be ready to commit yet. Why not sign up for our free trial? 


TaxCycle version 6.2.31935.0—2017 modules and T1 planner

This major TaxCycle Suite release rolls over T1, T3, T4/T4A T5018, NR4, and Forms modules to 2017. It also adds a preview version of a T1 planning worksheet to the T1 2016 module.

release notes

TaxCycle Basics: Navigation webinar recording

By John (Trilogy Software) on 6/30/2017

Whether you're new to TaxCycle or have been using it for years, knowing how to find forms and navigate between fields quickly will save you time. That's something every tax preparer needs more of. Watch our recent webinar to learn more.



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