TaxCycle T5013


Partnership Return and Slips

All the great features you're used to in other TaxCycle tax modules, paired with worksheets and calculations specifically for partnership returns. 

Prepare and electronically file unlimited federal T5013 returns and slips, as well as Québec TP-600 returns and RL-15 slips.

TaxCycle T5013/TP-600 is included in the Complete Paperless Tax Suite or available as a separate module. 

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Speedy GIFI import

Drag and drop import General Index of Financial Information (GIFI) from all major accounting packages: QuickBooks®, Sage®, CaseWare®, etc.

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Flexible allocation worksheets

Enter information about each partner on the Partner and Allocation worksheets. Information flows between the two. Or, edit information directly on T5013 slips.

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SlipSync T5013s
with T1 returns

Prepare T5013 slips and publish them to SlipSync. If you're preparing a T1 return for one of the slip recipients, TaxCycle alerts you to import the slip data.

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Convenient Excel® import

Create an Excel® spreadsheet template from any form. Customize it and give it to your clients to track amounts, then import it back into TaxCycle.

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Smooth CCA and asset handling

Instant data flow between Schedule 8 CCA schedule and Asset worksheets make for quick data entry and powerful management of assets.

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T5013-only module

A separate module for partnership returns allows us to build T5013-specific features, and lets you set specific options and create files just for T5013s.

All through the same, familiar TaxCycle interface.

Forms and features

Number of returns Unlimited
Federal T5013 returns and slips 2013 onward
Québec TP-600 and RL-15 2018 onward
TaxCycle T5013 Yes 
ProFile® FX Yes
Cantax® FormMaster Yes
Taxprep® Forms Yes
T5013FIN Yes
T5013 Slips Yes
RL-15 Yes
Client Manager Yes
Template Editor Yes
GIFI import from Accounting for Practitioners (AFP), CaseWare®, QuickBooks®, CCH Engagement, Sage®, CSV files Yes
S100 - GIFI Balance Sheet Information Yes
S125 - GIFI Income Statement Information Yes
Multiple S125 statements Yes
S140 - GIFI Summary Statement Yes
S141 - Notes checklist Yes
Notes to Financial Statements Yes
Info - Partnership Information Yes
Engagement - Engagement Information Yes
Partner - Partners' Information Yes
Allocation - Partner allocation Yes
T5013 - Slip data entry Yes
Instructions - Instructions for Recipient Yes
Summary - Summary of Partnership Income Yes
Rental - Rental Income Worksheet Yes
RentalSummary - Summary of Rental Income Yes
InternetWS - Internet Filing Worksheet Yes
S1 - Net Income (Loss) for Income Tax Purposes Yes
S1WS - S1 Allocation Worksheet Yes
S2 - Charitable Donations, Gifts, and Political Contributions Yes
S5 - Allocation of Salaries and Wages, and Gross Revenue for Multiple Jurisdictions Yes
S6 - Summary of Dispositions of Capital Property Yes
S6M - Capital Property Disposition Manager Yes
S8 - Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) Yes
S8Asset - Asset Manager Yes
S8Claim - CCA Claim Yes
S8RecWS - Fixed Asset Reconciliation Worksheet Yes
S9 - List of Partnerships Yes
S10 - Calculations Relating to Cumulative Eligible Capital Yes
S12 - Resource-Related Deductions Yes
S50 - Partner’s Ownership and Account Activity Yes
S52 - Summary Information for Partnerships that Allocated Renounced Resource Expenses to their Members Yes
T5013FIN - T5013 Financial Yes
T1135 - Foreign Income Verification Statement Yes
RC59 - Business Consent for Offline Access Yes
RC59X - Cancel Business Donsent or Delegated Authority Yes
5YearComp S1 - 5-year Comparative for Schedule 1 Yes
SlipSummary - Slip Summary / Reconciliation Yes
TP-600 - Partnership Information Return Yes
Schedules A, B, D, E and F Yes
TPSFWS - Schedule F allocation worksheet Yes
QC5 - Revenue Allocation for Multiple Jurisdictions TP-600/RL-15 Yes
RL15 - Slip Data Entry Yes
RL15 Slips - Slip Summary (non-filing) Yes
5YearComp SF - TP-600 5-year Comparative For Schedule F Yes
Engagement letter Yes
Client letter Yes