TaxCycle T5013

T5013 Partnership Return and Slips

TaxCycle T5013 comes with unlimited partnership returns and slips, unlimited electronic filing (CRA's Internet File Transfer), and it's packed with delightful time-saving innovations.

T5013, TaxCycle start screen

Thoughtfully modern.
Totally familiar.

Enjoy the same time-saving features you love in TaxCycle's corporate and t-slips tax preparation software, now while preparing and filing T5013 partnership returns and slips.

Simple carry forward - Intuit ProFile® FX, Cantax® FormMaster, and Taxprep®

Carry forward from Intuit ProFile® FX, Cantax® FormMaster and Taxprep® Forms returns.

Separate module offers flexibility and power

You don't need to buy a big library of unrelated forms, so we sell TaxCycle T5013 as a separate module. And, we can focus on developing features important to T5013 partnership preparers.

Smaller practices can buy what they need. Larger firms can configure separate options and file locations depending on slip or return type. Independent partnership preparers have an affordable way to prepare returns and slips in-house.

Don't worry though, a separate module doesn't mean you have to install a separate program. All of TaxCycle's modules appear in a single interface.

Time-saving GIFI import - Accounting for Practitioners (AFP), CaseWare®, QuickBooks®, CCH Engagement, and Sage®

Save data-entry time with GIFI import into the T5013.

Import GIFI from a file with a GFI, CSV or TXT extension. This includes files exported from: Accounting for Practitioners (AFP), CaseWare®, QuickBooks®, CCH Engagement, Sage® and even CSV files you create yourself in Excel.

Electronic-filing-first workflow

TaxCycle T5013 gives you a constant view of transmission-readiness as you prepare the T5013 slips and return for internet filing. The electronic filing status is built right into the workflow, speeding preparation, increasing accuracy and streamlining government electronic submission. Each return contains a full history of all electronic transmission attempts, responses and messages.

Reliable support from tax analysts and developers

Your support requests are answered in Canada by the tax analysts and developers who build our software. This means timely updates and enhancements you recognize.

Forms and features

Number of returns Unlimited
Prepare returns for 2014 to 2016
TaxCycle T5013 Yes 
ProFile® FX Yes
Cantax® FormMaster Yes
GIFI import from Accounting for Practitioners (AFP), CaseWare®, QuickBooks®, CCH Engagement, Sage®, CSV files Yes
S100 - GIFI Balance Sheet Information Yes
S125 - GIFI Income Statement Information Yes
S140 - GIFI Summary Statement Yes
S141 - Notes checklist Yes
Info - Partnership Information Yes
Engagement - Engagement Information Yes
PartnerInfo - Partners' Information Yes
Partner allocation
T5013 - Slip data entry Yes
Instructions - Instructions for Recipient Yes
Summary - Summary of Partnership Income Yes
Rental - Rental income worksheet Yes
RentalSummary - Summary of Rental Income Yes
INTERNETWS - Internet file worksheet
S1 - Net Income (Loss) for Income Tax Purposes Yes
S1IncomeClassification - Income and Expense Classification Worksheet Yes
S1WS - S1 allocation worksheet
S2 - Charitable Donations, Gifts, and Political Contributions Yes
S5 - Allocation of Salaries and Wages, and Gross Revenue for Multiple Jurisdictions Yes
S6 - Summary of Dispositions of Capital Property Yes
S6M - Capital property disposition manager Yes
S8 - Capital cost allowance (CCA) Yes
S8Asset - Asset Manager Yes
S8Claim - CCA Claim Yes
S9 - List of partnerships Yes
S10 - Calculations Relating to Cumulative Eligible Capital Yes
S12 - Resource-Related Deductions Yes
S50 - Resource-Related Deductions Yes
S52 - Summary Information for Partnerships that Allocated Renounced Resource Expenses to their Members Yes
T5013FIN - T5013 Financial Yes
T1135 - Foreign income verification statement Yes
RC59 - Business consent Yes
T2058 - Election on Disposition of Property by a Partnership to a Taxable Canadian Corporation Yes
T2059 - Election on Disposition of Property by a Taxpayer to a Canadian Partnership Yes
T2060 - Election for Disposition of Property Upon Cessation of Partnership Yes
5YearComp S1 - 5-Year Comparative for the S1 Yes
SlipSummary - Slip Summary / Reconciliation Yes
Client correspondence and templates Yes
Client letter Yes
Email any template to client Yes
Send documents securely with Yes
Template Editor Included in suites, bundles and combos. Also available separately.
File/return status settings Yes
Client Manager Included in suites, bundles and combos.
Also available separately.
Batch carry forward (via Windows dialog) Yes
Batch carry forward and printing (via Client Manager) Included in suites, bundles and combos. Also available separately.
Satisfaction guarantee Yes
Automatic updates Yes
Free technical support via email and telephone Yes
Free online community Yes

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