TaxCycle 11.2.48021.0—Optional Download, TaxFolder Changes

This TaxCycle release contains enhancements to support the lastest TaxFolder update. It also includes recent updates to T1/TP1, T5013 and recent customer requests. Install this version now to use TaxFolder, or if you need a change included in this release. 

To install this version immediately, download the full installer from our website or request a free trial. Once we enable the automatic update for this version, TaxCycle will prompt you to install it according to the priority set in your TaxCycle Options. (To deploy auto-update files from your network, see the Auto-Update Files page.)

Release Highlights

TaxFolder Updates

The following changes support enhancements from the latest TaxFolder update.

  • Updates to File History and the banner that appears above documents to support the Manually Completed and Voided document states.
  • A new File History event for signature requests that are Resent.
  • Language preference support for client email notifications sent from TaxCycle through TaxFolder. For further details, see TaxFolder Update (Sept. 7, 2022).
    • New clients created from TaxCycle will use the language setting from the print dialog to set the preference for a new client in TaxFolder.
    • Existing clients already in TaxFolder will have the default language set to English. Please update the setting from the Client Dashboard or ask your client to change their setting in the Client Portal.

T1/TP1 Updates

  • Updated the following forms to the 2022 versions (in the T1 2022 module), as recently released by the CRA:
    • T2201 Disability Tax Credit Certificate
    • RC151 GST/HST Credit and Climate Action Incentive Payment Application for Individuals Who Become Residents of Canada
  • Added a Québec rate option to data entry tables for employment and partner expenses to indicate when the amount includes GST plus QST. Select this option for expenses that are eligible for a rebate on forms GST370 and VD-358.

T5013 Schedule 63

This release adds the new Schedule 63 for the Return of Fuel Charge Proceeds to Farmers Tax Credit. The CRA requires you to transmit the T5013FIN return electronically and paper-file S63. The February 2023 TaxCycle release will include Schedule 63 in the T5013FIN return transmission.

Customer Requests

  • T1—If you enter a next-year address, phone number or email address on the Engagement worksheet, the post-season letters now use that information instead of the details from the Info worksheet. The new information appears in the mailing address on the first page of the letter, and in the section for confirming contact information on the tax information checklist page. This change applies to the 2021 and 2022 post-season letters in English and French: PostSeason, JPostSeason, FPostSeason, Après-saison, Après-saisonF, Après-saisonJ.
  • T1—Improved the wording of the introductory paragraph in the incomplete slips email templates for 2022. This affects both the English and French templates: ISlips, JISlips, FISlips, FeuilletsI, FeuilletsIJ, FeuilletsIF.
  • T1—Added a new check box on the Interest worksheet to allow you to add the interest and penalties to the total owing on the T7DR(A) remittance voucher. A similar field also appears for the Québec TP-1026.0.1.P remittance slip. This change applies to T1 modules for years 2018 onward.
    Screen Capture: Add penalties and interest owing on the remittance voucher T7DR(A)
  • T1—Added a new field to the T7DR(A) remittance voucher and the Québec TP-1026.0.1.P remittance slip to enter the estimated taxes, penalties and interest payable manually or automatically transfer them from the Interest worksheet.
    Screen Capture: T7DRA Estimated federal taxes, penalties and interest payable

Resolved Issues

  • T1—Adjusted the estimate of the amount for a single parent claiming the climate action incentive to account for the case where all children are in shared custody.
  • T1—Corrected the 2022 client letter and joint client letters where the Québec instalment payment for March 15, 2023, did not show.
  • T2—AS29Project (AT4970), line 135 (Alberta) now calculates as the net of Alberta IEG claim on the AS29.
  • T2—Schedule 54 line 520 doubled up the amount when both Part 2 and Part 4 were complete. We’ve corrected this so that if an eligible dividend was paid in the year, line 520 will calculate from Part 2. Otherwise, it calculates from Part 4.
  • T3—Resolved an issue with transmitting T1135s from the 2022 module.