Look what you've done for TaxCycle this year (2017-18)

It's been a great year for the TaxCycle Suite. More Canadian tax preparers than ever have switched to TaxCycle. Thank you for your support!

Throughout the year, TaxCycle and DoxCycle releases have included many enhancements based on your suggestions and feedback. Some came from our online community, some through support requests. All helped shape TaxCycle into the best software it can be. In case you didn't read each set of release notes in detail, scroll down for the long list of what you've done for us lately.

We love hearing from our customers at any time of the year.

Time-saving features

  • The redesigned return workflow allows you to configure the items, groups and order of tasks to fit your practice. Learn more in the Workflow groups and tasks help topic.
  • The F6 key on the relevant field opens an NAICS industry code search box for more detailed information.
  • Pressing F1 on any field, form or interface element opens the related help topic in your browser window.
  • Bulletins suggest a file name change for adjusted, deceased, coupled and uncoupled returns.
  • The text that appears in the blue title bar at the top of the window when you have a file open now shows the year end rather than the module year for T2, T3010 and T5013 returns.
  • When there are multiple prior-year files available, TaxCycle now prompts you to select the correct version of the file when you try jumping to a prior-year return.
  • The Return Id field now appears on the Engagement form in all modules. It is also searchable in the Client Manager and appears in search results.
  • Memos in multi-line tables now carry forward correctly. Thank you @snoplowguy for the suggestion in our online community.
  • Refresh carryforward no longer carries forward fields on the Engagement and Info worksheets that are different in the more recent year.
  • If you attach a tape to a calculated field when the automatic override option is disabled, the tape now appears next to the field when you hover, but the amount does not get posted to the field. (Requested by a customer who wanted to reconcile a calculated amount with a list in a tape.)
  • Opening a new tape with the plus (+) key will insert the value currently in the field as the first line of the tape.

Client Manager

  • New columns available for layouts: Refund (Balance due), Waiting, Waiting for, Return Status, Return workflow comments, File Drive (to display the drive where the file is located, without the path after it).
  • New column layouts and reports: Invoicing, Client Contact.
  • New information added to the detailed and full Excel® exports: Return status, Waiting for client, Number of days waiting for client, Workflow return comments.
  • New filters to help find clients who didn't return this season.
  • Filters for the Express NOA column heading.
  • When you move your mouse over a row in the list view, the entire row is now highlighted, rather than just a single cell.
  • The new Pre-flight button on Batch Transmit in the Client Manager reruns calculations on the files before transmission. It helps identify any changes since the last time the file was saved.
  • Excel® files exported from the Client Manager now use the column layout name.
  • The current Return status in the client preview now matches what appears in the client's Workflow groups and tasks.
  • The client preview now shows how long the workflow Waiting for client box has been checked.
  • The client preview now displays comments entered at the client level in the workflow screen. Right-click on the comment to Copy the comment.

T1/TP1 forms and features

  • Smart Copy/Paste for partners between the T2125, T776, T2042, T2121 income statements. Also, between the T2042 and AgriStability forms.
  • Automatic completion of the printable T7DRA remittance form.
  • A new section for the payments of GST/HST credits on the Family Summary. Thank you @msbutar for the suggestion in our online community.
  • A new Relevé Summary for Québec slips, called RLSlips, lists all the relevés in the file. It behaves similarly to the Slips summary for federal t-slips.
  • New review messages on the handling of T2091/T1255 forms created from the principal residence section of the S3 alert you to any T2091 and T1255 forms that are not linked to the S3 so that you can delete them before filing.
  • A memo on the Donations worksheet now reminds you to verify amounts for ecological gifts carried forward from ProFile®.
  • New selections in the Bankruptcy Type of return field on the T1 Info worksheet allow you to indicate whether the file is the Year before bankruptcy or the Year after bankruptcy. (You can also filter using these selections in the Client Manager.)
  • Two new fields on the Billing worksheet allow you to choose to Invoice by Hour, by Schedule, both Hour and Schedule, or neither. This lets you customize each client's billing, or hide all charges from an individual invoice.
  • A new field in the Prior-year amounts section at the bottom of the Billing worksheet shows the Total after taxes. Thank you @slim for the suggestion in our online community.
  • A new S2Only print item allows you to print the S2 without the related worksheet. Thank you @balanced_books for the suggestion in our online community.
  • Review messages on the CCA worksheets and Asset Manager when class 10.1 now remind you that 10.1 vehicle CCA should only be entered on the Motor Vehicle worksheet.
  • Review messages on the principal residence section of the Schedule 3 to alert you when the postal code, city, or province fields are blank.
  • A new warning on the Donations worksheet reminds you to complete the Type for each donation entry. Thank you @hetterly for the suggestion in our online community.
  • A new review message on the RRSP worksheet alerts you when the Type is missing for an RRSP contribution. Thank you @rick.s for the suggestion in our online community.
  • A new review message now triggers when the spouse's information is on the Info worksheet and the marital status is set to divorced, separated, widowed or single. The related Quick Fix solution allows you to remove all information from the Spouse section in one click. Thank you to both @teena and @TimParris for contributing to this suggestion in our online community.
  • New review messages added to the T2205 to remind you to complete the spouse's amounts when required.
  • A new review message reminds you to consider claiming the Manitoba Tuition Fee Income Tax Rebate when the federal tuition claim is made on Schedule 11 and the person is a resident of Manitoba.
  • The words "Final Return" now appear on the T1 jacket when you prepare a final return.
  • A screen-only description now appears on line 417 of Schedule 1 when Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) applies.
  • Industry codes 115210 Support activities for animal production, and 115110 Support activities for crop production, are now accessible on the T2125.
  • The used condition of the TP1000 now considers the eligibility for NetFile Québec so that the form automatically shows as used when eligible for NetFile.

Auto-fill my return (AFR) enhancements

  • The AFR dialog box is now non-modal. This means you can keep the box open on screen while you work in a TaxCycle file.
  • You can now click on values in the current year column of the preview to jump to the related slip.
  • The SlipMatch service (in beta) automatically matches T3 slips downloaded from AFR with a list of fund company names we download into TaxCycle. Learn more.
  • A new Reset matching link at the top of the AFR dialog box allows you to reset the automatic matches for all slips for individual. This removes any changes you made to the import destination, regardless of whether you are using the basic matching or SlipMatch.
  • You can now also export T3 or T5 slips to Excel® for further review to help you reconcile large numbers of downloaded slips with consolidated statements (previously only available for T5008 slips).
  • After aggregating slips, the source names of all the slips appear in a list on the preview side of the window to help you better tell what slips are affected if you change the destination.
  • After aggregating slips, a new field opens to allow you to edit the name of the issuer on the destination slip.
  • Memos created when matching slips using T1 Auto-fill my return (AFR) no longer appear under the Require attention, Outstanding memos, All memos views in the Review sidebar. They still appear under the Memos on current form and Signed off messages views when applicable, and the memo icon still shows on the field and form icon. (Remember, these memos are used to aid in matching the slip with information from subsequent downloads in the current or following year. Please do not delete them.)
  • Check boxes on downloaded slips are now imported into the related slip. For example, boxes 28A, 28B and 28C on the T4 slip.
  • The recipient type code is now imported for T3 and T5 slips.
  • The check in the box to Import current values for blank slips now persists when you open and close the AFR dialog.
  • The Slips summary now shows a row to indicate whether the data was downloaded from AFR.


T2 forms and features

  • RC59/59X electronic filing to gain consent for online access to a client's business account.
  • T106 and T1134 electronic filing.
  • The phone number and email address of the authorized person now appears on the T2 Summary when the Use firm box is checked on the Info worksheet. Thank you @mel for the suggestion in our online community.
  • Quick Fix solutions now allow you to update the CCA (line 9936) and recapture CCA (line 9575) on the Agri worksheet.
  • Data from line S511 of the CGI worksheet is now included in corporate linking.
  • A review message now appears if GIFI line 9980 has a value but there is no corresponding deduction on Schedule 1 lines 705/395. Thank you @rick.s for the suggestion in our online community.
  • Unrealized gains/losses from line 9980 on S125 now flow to Schedule 1. Thank you @valb for the suggestion in our online community.
  • TaxCycle now triggers a review message to complete S28 when a third-party election code (code 2) is selected on Schedule 23.
  • A new check box on the S28 allows automatic completion from the CGI worksheet.
  • On the T2054 Current year and T2054 Next year worksheets, two new date fields in Part 4 calculate the sum of each month (“Amount N”). The Filing due date field is automatically calculated. The Actual date filed is a manual date entry.
  • The signing date is now excluded from the variance messages in T2 so that if you have the default set to use today's date, it will not warn you each time you open the file.
  • A new review message added to the S7 reminds preparers to enter the related foreign investment income on Schedule 7 when part 1, column B on the S21 table for foreign non-business income is filled out. Thank you @justinredmond for the suggestion in our online community.
  • The TaxCycle to TaxCycle carryforward now supports information on Schedule 88.
  • The T2 T183 printed workflow item name changed to T183 Corporate printed (formerly "Printed T183 Corporate"). The item now appears just below the T1 "T183 Individual printed" item in the Client Manager filters. (We had reports of customers selecting the T1 "T183 printed" task for filtering T2 returns and not getting results.)

T3 forms and features

  • T3 slips marked "excluded from filing" no longer publish to SlipSync.
  • T3APP added to TaxCycle T3
  • A new check box on the Allocation and S9WS indicates whether to carry forward allocation methods to the following year.
  • For trusts that are Deemed residents, a new review message reminds you to enter the name of the other country where it might be considered resident.

T5013 improvements

  • On T5013Partner, the presentation of the allocations made to each general and limited partner now only displays the income associated with the related partner code.


  • The temporary file used when electronically filing slips no longer includes an extra R at the end of the account number.
  • The layout of printed T5018 slips now fits the recipient address in the window of a T4-sized envelope.

New options

  • Magic folder options automatically create a folder structure for client files as you need them. (Set these on the Folder options page.)
  • Options to control the availability of T1013, Family and Joint summaries. (Set these on the Form Availability page.)
  • An option to set a default for the behaviour of the sidebar when opening a return. (Set this on the Sidebar page.)
  • A T1 option to default the Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) field on the T183. (Set this on the T1 New File options page.)
  • A T1 option to default the signing date on the Info worksheet to always use today's date. (Set this on the T1 New File options page.)
  • A T1 option to carryforward the names for individual T5008 slips by default. (Set this on the T1 New File options page.)
  • A new option to default the import of T5008 slip data from Auto-fill my return (AFR). (Set this on the T1 Auto-fill my return options page.)
  • A T2 option for completing the RC59 business consent. (Set these on the T2 New File options page.)
  • A T2 option to default the selection in 1a) and 1b) on the T2 Optimizations worksheet as default for all years. Thank you @james1 for the suggestion in our online community. (Set this on the T2 New File options page.)
  • A new option to show the file name in the blue bar at the top of the TaxCycle window. (Set this on the Display options page.)
  • New print configuration and magic folder variables. {FamilyName}, {HouseholdName}, {SuggestedFileName}
  • A new option to disable keystroke-by-keystroke searching in the Client Manager, so you must press the Enter key to launch the search. (Set this on the Client Manager options page.)
  • A new option to enable or disable F3 as the shortcut to open the Client Manager when a file is open, preventing accidental opening of the Client Manager. (Set this on the Client Manager options page.)


  • New snippets (QCSummary, QCJointFiling, QCJointBalance) to insert Québec-specific sections for filing status, and refund or balance owing in the T1 client letters (CLetter, LettreC, JLetter, LettreJ).
  • New snippets for addresses on all templates. This snippet is used to insert the client address into letters and invoices. (Learn more in the Snippets: letterhead and closing help topic.)
  • New FPreSeason and FPostSeason letters include all family members, including any full dependant returns in the file.
  • New FInvoice for a statement showing balances for all family members and a combined balance owing for the family. Thank you to everyone in our online community for contributing to this new template.
  • Changes to the pre-season and post-season letters to only show a count of the T5008 slips, rather than listing all of them. Learn how to do something similar for other slips in the new Listing slips help topic.
  • Hiding the paragraphs about No foreign property in the T1 client letters (CLetter, LettreC, JLetter, LettreJ) for non-residents.
  • Hiding sections in T1 client letters (CLetter, LettreC, JLetter, LettreJ) that refer to a spouse if the taxpayer is widowed. These include those relating to: family status changing during the year, Canada Child Benefit (CCB), GST/HST credit, Trillium OSTC payments.
  • The T1 client letters (CLetter, LettreC, JLetter, LettreJ) now show the paragraph about reporting a sale of a principal residence reporting on multiple properties.
  • A reminder was added to the principal residence paragraph of the T1 client letters (CLetter, LettreC, JLetter, LettreJ) to retain a signed copy of the T2091/T1255 on file in case the CRA asks for it.
  • Changing the wording about loss carry-back T1 client letters (CLetter, LettreC, JLetter, LettreJ) to: "This request should result in a tax refund for the year(s) to be reassessed." Thank you @helga_spence for the suggestion in our community.
  • The wording T1 client letters (CLetter, LettreC, JLetter, LettreJ) about where to write the social insurance number on the cheque when sending in a payment to the CRA changed from "on the back" to "in the memo space on the front." Thank you @helga_spence for the suggestion in our online community.
  • A new join( ) function join field codes with a specified separator. This both shortens the code and allows you to use the same code for single taxpayers and spouses because if the field is not complete for one of the field codes, the separator is not added. Learn how in the Code reference help topic.
  • A new mask( ) function to obscure the output from a field code. For example, if you want to partially hide a bank account number, social insurance number or phone number. Learn how in the Code reference help topic.
  • Adjusting the condition surrounding the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) paragraph in T1 client letters (CLetter, LettreC, JLetter, LettreJ) so that it triggers at the lower income threshold for separated individuals.
  • Adding a condition to the GST paragraph in the T1 client letters (CLetter, LettreC, JLetter, LettreJ) to remove the spouse's name if the taxpayer is widowed.
  • All pre-season, engagement and post-season letters now include the preparer's email address in the text telling the recipient where to send the completed check lists and source documents. Thank you @Laura-R for the suggestion in our online community.
  • Instalment payments in T1 and T2 client letters are now rounded to the dollar amount. Thank you @andrea for the suggestion in our online community.