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TaxCycle T1

TaxCycle T1 is built on the best of today's technology paired with familiar shortcuts and forms. 

With hundreds of delightful innovations, you'll be amazed at how you'll be processing tax returns more efficiently than ever before.

Pair DoxCycle with TaxCycle T1 to create an affordable paper-free process for your practice.

TaxCycle T1 is included in the Complete Paperless Tax Suite, the Paperless Office, and Tax Basics. It is also available as a standalone module.

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Find out for yourself why thousands of tax preparers have already switched. Get up and running in just 10 minutes with your free trial of the TaxCycle Suite. Seamlessly carry forward returns from DT Max®, Cantax®, Taxprep® and ProFile® software.

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T1 accuracy guarantee

T1/TP1 Accuracy Guarantee

We guarantee the accuracy of all T1/TP1 personal tax calculations made through our software. If your client is charged interest on tax due to an inaccurate calculation made using the software, Trilogy Software will pay that interest, up to the cost of the software purchased.

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Auto-fill my return (AFR)

Quickly match downloaded data with existing and past-year data, easily aggregate large numbers of slips, and identify new data when you download from AFR again.

Faster family returns

Prepare returns for all kinds of families and have TaxCycle optimize credits between them. All in one file. Multiple generations in the same household? No problem. EFILE them all at once in one click with Family Transmit.

Over 1300 T1 review messages

Apply solutions in a single click with time-saving Quick Fix suggestions. Hide optional messages you don't want to see. Fast, accurate return preparation.

Control over optimizations

Tax optimizations run automatically as you enter data. Calculations show on the Optimizations worksheet, where you can adjust or disable credits to achieve the results you want.

Great CCA and assets

Data flow between Asset managers and Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) worksheets allow you to quickly enter a small amount of information, or manage many assets over multiple years.

ReFile adjustments

A blend of our automatic T1-ADJ and EFILE process. ReFILE in TaxCycle tells you to file an adjustment and guides you step-by-step. No guessing. No waiting.

Express NOA

Download the notice of assessment (NOAs) right after the return has been received and processed by the CRA. You and your clients know what to expect.

DoxCycle paperless process

Scan paper slips or import emails and attachments into DoxCycle, then post amounts into T1 tax returns. After filing, print the tax return back into DoxCycle for an archive of all documents.

Unlimited templates

Built-in templates you won’t find anywhere else, like our Pre-Season checklist and Incomplete Slips email that help your clients gather everything they need for the coming tax season.

Forms and features

Looking for Québec TP1 forms and calculations? Calculations and forms for Québec TP1 personal tax returns are included in the Complete Paperless Tax Suite. For any other bundle or for a standalone TaxCycle T1 purchase, you can add them as a site license. Learn more about Québec TP1.

Number of returns Unlimited
Years 2012 onward
TaxCycle T1  
ProFile® T1  
Cantax® T1  
Taxprep® T1  
DT Max® T1  
Batch carryforward  
Auto-fill my return (AFR) data download  
Express NOA (notice of assessment)  
Electronic submission of authorization requests (formerly T1013)  
T1135 Foreign Income Verification Statement electronic filing  
Pre-authorized debit (PAD) requests  
ReFILE of adjusted T1 returns  
Coupled taxpayer/spouse returns  
Family/dependant linking  
Non-resident and part-year resident returns  
Returns for deceased taxpayers  
Multiple-jurisdiction tax returns  
Bankruptcy returns  
Pension income splitting  
Medical expenses  
Home buyers' amount  
Student loan interest  
Net-capital losses  
Non-capital losses  
Capital gains deduction  
Unused tuition/books/education transfers  
Working income tax benefit  
Import slip data from DoxCycle  
Import slip data from TaxCycle T3, T4/T4A and T5 (SlipSync)  
Import data from Excel®  
Create a DoxCycle file from TaxCycle  
Carry forward and create both a TaxCycle and DoxCycle file  
Save a tax return back into a DoxCycle file  
Export invoices to QuickBooks® desktop and QuickBooks® online  
Client letter (and joint client letter)  
Email templates  
Engagement letter  
Incomplete slips letter/email (and joint/family incomplete slips)  
Email any template to client  
Invoice (and joint invoice)  
Billing using timer, schedules and forms  
Mailing labels (Avery, Brother, Dymo, etc.)  
Send documents securely with  
Pre-season letter  
T7DRA – Electronic filing remittance form  
File notes  
Allowable Business Investment Loss (ABIL)  
Authorization/Cancellation Request (formerly T1013)  
Capital Gains/Losses Manager (S3M)  
Canada Child Benefit (CTB)  
Credits (various credit amounts)  
Dependant details (Dep)  
Dependant child care/fitness/arts expenses (DepEx)  
Deductions (various deductions)  
EFILE results  
EFILE worksheet  
Engagement – Client engagement information  
Express NOA  
Foreign Tax Credit (FTC)  
GST/HST (Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax)  
Personal Information (Info)  
Income (various income amounts)  
Medical expenses  
Medical travel expenses  
Motor vehicle expenses  
Net capital losses  
Non-capital losses  
Pre-authorized debit (PAD) results  
Registered Pension Plan (RPP) deductions  
RRSP contributions  
Next year RRSP deduction limit (RRSPNext)  
Social Benefits Repayment  
Student Loan Interest  
Support Payments  
2-year client summary  
2-year variance summary  
5-year summary  
T1 summary  
T1 short summary  
Auto-fill my return (AFR) summary  
Carry forward summary  
Client data enquiry (SEND) summary  
Dependants credit summary  
Joint summary  
Family summary  
Long family summary  
Foreign tax credits summary (FTCSum)  
Pension summary  
Rental/business statement summary (StatementSum)  
Memos summary  
Slips summary  
Tapes summary  
T1 Jacket and T1 Condensed  
Federal Schedules 2 through 14  
Federal schedules for non-residents: A, B, C, D, T1159, T1234  
Alberta: AB428, ABS2, ABS11, T89  
British Columbia: BC428, BC479, BCS2, BCS11, BCS12, T88, T1014, T1014-1, T1014-2, T1231  
Manitoba: MB428, MB428A, MB479, MBS2, MBS11, T1005, T1241, T1256, T1256-1, T1299, T4164  
New Brunswick: NB428, NBS2, NBS11, T1258  
Newfoundland and Labrador: NL428, NLS2, NLS11, T1129, T1272, T1279  
Nova Scotia: NS428, NSS2, NSS11, T1285, T224, T225  
Northwest Territories: NT428, NT479, NTS2, NTS11  
Nunavut: NU428, NU479, NUS1, NUS11, T1317  
Ontario: ON428, ON428-A, ON479, ON479-A, ONBEN, ONS2, ONS11, ONS12, T1221, Ontario Self-Employment Credits worksheet, Ontario Trillium benefit estimate  
Prince Edward Island: PE428, PES2, PES11  
Québec TP1 returns Included in Complete Paperless Tax Suite. Or, Sold separately.
Saskatchewan: SK428, SK479, SKS2, SKS11, RC360, T1237, T1284  
Yukon: YT428, YT432, YT479, YTS2, YTS11, T1232  
T2203 – Provincial and Territorial Taxes – Multiple Jurisdictions  
T3 – Trust Income  
T4 – Remuneration Paid  
T4A – Pension Retirement, Annuity and Other Income  
T4A(OAS) – Old Age Security  
T4A(P) – Canada Pension Plan Benefits  
T4A-RCA – Distributions from a Retirement Compensation Arrangement  
T4E – Employment Insurance and Other Benefits  
T4PS – Profit-Sharing Plan Allocations and Payments  
T4RIF – Income from a Registered Retirement Income Fund  
T4RSP – Income from an RRSP  
T5 – Investment Income  
T5007 – Benefits  
T5008 – Security Transactions  
T5013 – Partnership Income/Tax Shelters and Renounced Resource Expenses  
T101 – Resource Expenses  
RC62 – Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB)  
RC210 – Working Income Tax Benefit (WITB)  
Tuition (T2202/A, TL11A/B/C)  
Foreign Income  
Resource Income & Depletion  
T776 – Real Estate Rentals, plus related CCA/asset worksheets  
T2042 – Farming Activities, plus related CCA/asset, CEC, farming inventory adjustment and T1139  
T2121 – Fishing Activities, plus related CCA/asset, CEC and T1139  
T2125 – Business or Professional Activities, plus related CCA/asset, CEC and T1139  
T1163/T1273 – AgriStability Statement A, plus related CCA/asset, CEC, farming inventory adjustment and T1139  
T1164/T1274 – AgriStability Statement B  
ResourceWS – Resource Income Statement  
T1M – Moving expenses  
T657 – Capital gains  
T746 – Unused RRSP, PRPP and SPP contributions  
T777 – Employment expenses and related worksheet  
T778 – Child care expenses  
T929 – Disability support payments  
T936 – Cumulative net investment loss (CNIL)  
T1032 – Joint election to split pension income  
T1212 – Deferred security options benefits  
T1223 – Clergy residence deduction  
T1229 – Resource expenses and depletion allowance  
T2017 – Reserves on dispositions of capital property  
T2200 – Declaration of conditions of employment  
T2205 – Spousal RRSP/RRIF amount for income inclusion  
T2222 – Northern residents deductions  
T5004 – Tax shelter loss or deduction  
TL2 – Meals and lodging expenses  
RC267/RC268 – Employee contributions to a US retirement plan  
RC269 – Employee contributions to a foreign pension plan or social security arrangement  
T626 – Overseas employment tax credit  
T691 – Alternative minimum tax  
T1170 - Capital gains on gifts of certain capital property  
T1172 – Tax on RESP income  
T1206 – Tax on split income  
T2036 – Provincial or territorial foreign tax credit  
T2038 – Investment tax credit (individuals)  
T2201 – Disability tax credit certificate  
T2204 – CPP and EI overpayment  
T2209 – Federal foreign tax credits  
CPT20 – Election to pay CPP contributions  
GST370 – Employee and partner GST/HST rebate application  
RC359 – Tax on excess employees profit-sharing plan amounts  
RC381 – Inter-Provincial Calculation for CPP and QPP  
DC905 – Bankruptcy identification form  
T1A – Request for loss carryback  
T1ADJ – T1 Adjustment request  
T1DD – Direct deposit request (individuals)  
T183 – Information return for electronic filing  
T1132 – Alternative address authorization  
T1135 – Foreign income verification statement  
T1141 – Transfers or loans to a non-resident trust  
T1153 – Consent and request form  
T1161 – List of properties by an emigrant of Canada  
T1162A – Pre-authorized payment plan  
T1198 – Qualifying retroactive lump-sum payment  
T1243 – Deemed disposition of property by an emigrant of Canada  
T1244 – Election to defer payment of tax on a deemed disposition of property  
T2091/WS – Designation of a property as a principal residence  
TX19 – Asking for a clearance certificate  
RC59 – Business consent form  
RC71 – Statement of discounting transaction  
RC72 – Notice of the actual amount of refund of tax  
T90 – Income Exempt under the Indian Act  
Client Manager  
Template Editor