Carry forward returns

Updated: 2019-02-06

What can TaxCycle carry forward?

Carryforward takes some data from the prior-year tax return that is needed in the following year. This includes identifying information, slip and form usage information, amount and limits to be used in the following year. It is not an import or a conversion of same-year files.

Competitor carryforwards

In addition the TaxCycle-to-TaxCycle year-over-year carryforward, TaxCycle offers carry-forward conversions from the following software vendors. Expand the sections below to learn about carrying forward from your old tax software. 

Please note we have discontinued support for carryforward from VisualTax™ as of May 2019.

Video: How to carry forward tax returns in TaxCycle

Carry forward individual returns

To carry forward any type of return from any year:

  1. Click Carry forward.
  2. Browse to where you saved the prior-year tax return.
  3. Select the file(s) you want to carry forward.
  4. Click the Open button to create a TaxCycle return for the next year.

The DT Max® to TaxCycle carryforward is a little different than the standard TaxCycle carryforward. Please read the full online help topic on DT Max® carryforward.

If you already know what type of tax return you want to carry forward:

  1. Click on a tax module.
  2. Click on Carry forward for the year of return you want to create. 
  3. Use Carry forward and Link to create linked TaxCycle and DoxCycle files in a single step.
  4. Use Carry forward and Plan to create a planning file and populate it with data (more than just carry forward amounts) from the prior year return.


Carryforward summary (Carry)

The T1 Carryforward summary (Carry) lists amounts carried forward from the prior year, such as RRSP deduction limit, unused donations and other deductions.

  1. Click the blue text of the section headings to jump to the related form or worksheet.
  2. The fields have links to jump to the form or worksheet where the amount is used (the blue arrow in the top left of the field indicates a link). Click or Tab into the field and press the F6 key. Or, double-click on the field to jump to the source.
  3. If you add review marks and memos to any of the fields on this summary, they also appear on the linked field.