Activate a license

Updated: 2018-04-06

After installing TaxCycle or DoxCycle, you must activate your license. Do this whether or not it is a trial license, first-time purchase or a renewal.

Where to find your license code

There are three ways to retrieve your license code:

  1. Look through your email for the invoice sent to you when you renewed. The license code will appear in the License information section at the bottom of the invoice. Copy and paste it from there into TaxCycle or DoxCycle.
  2. Sign into www.taxcycle.com and click on your name at the very top of the page to go to the My Account page. Once there, click on Purchase history and then the View button to open the invoice from your purchase. The license code will appear in the License information section at the bottom of the invoice. Copy and paste it into TaxCycle or DoxCycle.
  3. Call us if you can't find your code. We can retrieve it for you. 

In all of the above cases, it is important to know which email address you used to buy the product. That email address and the code work as a pair. You cannot use a code generated with one email address with a different one.

First-time activation (trial or purchase)

When you first open TaxCycle or DoxCycle, you will be prompted to activate your software.

  1. Enter the Email address you used to purchase your software.
  2. Enter the Password you created when requesting a trial, or that you used when purchasing software from our website.
  3. If you can't remember your password, click Forgot your password? You will be asked to enter your email address to request a link for resetting your password. Once you receive that message, click the link in it to go back to the website and enter your new password. 
  4. If you prefer to enter a license code rather than a password, check the I have a license code box and then enter the code instead. (You can find your license code in your purchase receipt email, or under your account on this website.)
  5. After entering your password or license code, click OKThe program retrieves your license from our website and activates your software.

As long as DoxCycle and TaxCycle are installed on the same computer, they will share license information, so you should only have to do the above steps once for each computer.


Renewal activation

Depending on when you renewed your TaxCycle or DoxCycle license for the new season, you may not need to activate or enter your license code for a while. Your code for the prior season will continue to work to access the older modules indefinitely. And we usually permit preview access to the new T1/TP1 and other modules until around the end of the calendar year.

At some point, though, you will be required to activate your new license, if this is the case, you will likely see a message like the one below when you open your software.

To activate your license, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Activate a license to go to the My Account page in your software. (This is also accessible from the Help menu, and then by clicking on My TaxCycle or My DoxCycle.)
  2. Enter the email address used to make the purchase.
  3. Enter the license code as it appears at the bottom of your purchase receipt.
  4. Click the Activate button.
  5. If you prefer to download your licenses from our website, click the My Account button and then enter the email address and password used to purchase your software.


Manually enter a license code

If you wish to manually enter a license code at any time (particularly useful if you want to trial an additional module):

  1. Open TaxCycle.
  2. Click on Help.
  3. Click on My TaxCycle.
  4. Click the link to manually enter your license details.


Check your license status

You can check the status of your license at any time by going back to the My TaxCycle (or My DoxCycle) screen. Look at the list under Installed Products to see the status of your licenses. The most recent license appears at the top. The older licenses, including expired, appear below.