Print/PDF a tax return

Updated: 2017-04-27

To Print or PDF a complete tax return:

  1. Click on the Print sidebar, or press Ctrl+P.
  2. If the return contains outstanding review messages, a warning displays at the top of the pane. Click on the link to jump to the Review message list and resolve them.
  3. At the top of the pane, each box represents a single print set. 
  4. For some tax return types—such as T2 returns—there is an additional drop-down menu that allows you to restrict the list of print sets by type or return.
  5. Each print set can output to its own printer or document type. Quickly print set by clicking on the icon on the right.
  6. TaxCycle determines which print sets to print based on which forms are used and the condition associated with the print set in Print options. Check the sets you want to print. If you check or uncheck a selected print set, a blue asterisk indicates you have overridden the default. Click on the asterisk to revert to the default print set.
  7. To change print and output settings, click the edit... link. This opens the Print configuration dialog box:
    1. The settings in this box change based on the Printer/Output selected. For a full list of these settings, see the Printer and PDF output options.
    2. If you wish your changes to appear for every tax return, click the link to save the settings to the print set.
    3. To print the set immediate, click the Print button.
  8. Click the wrench icon to open Print options for all returns.
  9. The list of forms at the bottom displays in the order the forms will be printed, grouped by print set. TaxCycle decides which forms appear in the list based on what is used in the return and what is configured for each print set. To learn how to modify these selections, see "Changing the form selection," below.
  10. When you're ready, click the Print Selected button.
  11. Printing always occurs in the background, so as soon as you set the job going, you can move on to other work.

Print a return

Choose which forms to print

  1. Choose forms to print in the Print/PDF sidebarThe bottom of the Print/PDF sidebar shows the list of forms that will be printed.
  2. These forms display in the order they will print and are grouped by print set. Expand or collapse a print set to change the view.
  3. Click Show all forms in print set at the top of the forms list to see all available forms in each print set. This allows you to check more forms to print, even if they weren't selected by print by default. When you're done, click the hide link to show only the forms that will be printed.
  4. Check or uncheck forms to modify what will print.
  5. If you modify the default form selection, a small blue asterisk appears to the right of the form name. Click on this asterisk to restore the default.
  6. Click on any form to view it or make changes before you print.
  7. Click envelop next to correspondence items to create an email from them in our default email program.