NR4 slips for non-resident trust beneficiaries

Updated: 2017-01-19

NR4 slips in TaxCycle  T3 module will only allow you to prepare NR4 slips for non-resident trust beneficiaries by using income type code 11 (trust income). To prepare NR4 slips for other types of income (such as rental income), use TaxCycle NR4.

If a beneficiary of a trust is a non-resident:

  1. Answer No in the Resident of Canada column on the Beneficiary worksheet or in the Resident of Canada field at the top of the individual's T3Ben.
  2. New fields appear on the slip for details specific to non-resident beneficiaries.
    Choose non-resident on the T3 slip
  3. A new NR4 section appears further down the slip that shows the allocation of amounts to the NR4 beneficiary.
  4. At the bottom of the form, the preview of the slip that will print is the NR4 slip. When the rest of the return is ready, you can electronically file these NR4 slips using Internet File Transfer (XML) and print copies for the beneficiaries.

NR4 slip at the bottom of the T3Ben