Print/PDF T3 returns and T3/NR4 slips

Updated: 2017-01-20

To print from TaxCycle T3 requires you first choose the group of print sets to view, like when you Print/PDF slips from the slips modules: 

  1. Click on Print in the sidebar or press Ctrl+P on your keyboard.
  2. At the top of the Print/PDF sidebar, choose the slip type you want to print: 
    1. T3 return—Contains print sets for the full T3 return (not including beneficiary slips). This includes print set for a Client Copy, Office Copy and CRA Copy for filing purposes.
    2. T3 slips—Choose one of the options under T3 slips to print Original, Amended or Cancelled T3 slips for beneficiaries and the T3Summary of all slips in the return. This includes print sets for a CRA Copy, Employee Copy and Employer File Copy.
    3. NR4 slips—Choose one of the options under NR4 slips to print Original, Amended or Cancelled NR4 slips for non-resident beneficiaries and the NR4Summary of all slips in the return. This includes print sets for a CRA Copy, Employee Copy and Employer File Copy.
  3. Check the box(es) for the set(s) you want to print. TaxCycle determines which print sets to print based on which forms are used and the condition associated with the print set in Print options. If you uncheck a set it automatically chose, a blue asterisk appears to indicate you have overridden the default. Click on the asterisk again to revert to the default print set selection.
  4. If you want to use a different printer or file output (such as Adobe PDF) for a particular print set, click on the edit link of the print set to configure the printer and output format.
  5. At the bottom of the panel is the list of forms that will print in the order the forms will be printed, grouped by print set. TaxCycle decides which forms appear in the list based on what is used in the return and what is configured for each print set. You can check or uncheck slips if you don't only want to print certain slips them.
  6. Click on any form or slip to see a preview of it.
  7. Click on the Show all forms in print set link at the top of the forms list to see original, amended or cancelled slips that aren't part of the initial selection. 
  8. When you're ready, click the Print Selected button at the bottom of the pane to begin printing.

Print T3 returns and slips from TaxCycle

Create separate PDFs for each slip recipient

To create PDF files for slip recipients, modify the Employee copy or Recipient copy print set (the name changes depending on the type of slip you are printing—this example uses T4 slips). You can either do this in Print options for the slip type, or directly from the Print sidebar:

  1. Click the edit link in the Print set to open the Print Configuration dialog box.
  2. Choose Adobe PDF for the Printer/Output.
  3. Set the PDF options as to generate as you would like. See the Printer and PDF output options.
  4. If you don't want to include the instructions on the second page of the PDF file, clear the check box next to Print instructions.
  5. Check Publish to SlipSync to make the slip data available should you prepare the related T1 or T3 return for a slip recipient.
  6. To create one slip for each slip recipient, check Separate PDF or XPS for each slip.
  7. Click Save these settings for T4 Employee copy (or whatever the print set you are editing) to save these settings back to Print options.

Set up to print a separate PDF for each slip recipient