Slips preparation videos

Updated: 2018-01-24

These videos will show you how to prepare and file slips with TaxCycle.

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Slips Returns (Part 1)

Learn how to carry forward and prepare slips in TaxCycle.
Click a timestamp below to jump to a topic:

  • Set default New File options for slips modules (5:17)
  • Carry forward from ProFile® FX, Cantax® FormMaster or Taxprep® Forms (12:24)
  • Carryforward XML files from prior year (15:28)
  • Info worksheet defaults (21:43)
  • Set default Other information boxes (24:47)
  • New! Create T2200 from the T4 data (28:33)
  • T4 reduced EI slips (33:20)
  • T4 adjustments (36:01)
  • Create Québec Relevés from slips (39:25)

Date of broadcast: January 30, 2019
Presented by: Elizabeth Kohl

Slips Returns (Part 2)

Learn how to file slips in TaxCycle, and share that information between modules with SlipSync. Click a timestamp below to jump to a topic:

  • Create T4 or T5 slips from a T2 return (1:22)
  • Enhanced! Import slips from Excel® (5:09)
  • Email missing slip information (18:30)
  • Transmission options (20:44)
  • Review with summaries (28:44)
  • File slips with Internet File Transfer (XML) (32:34)
  • File amended and cancelled slips (36:09)
  • SlipSync with T1 returns (38:34)
  • Print recipient slips to separate PDF files (40:59)

Date of broadcast: January 31, 2019
Presented by: Elizabeth Kohl

TaxCycle and Microsoft Excel® Integration

Put your mastery of Excel to work in TaxCycle. Discover the integration between Excel®  and TaxCycle professional tax software:

  • Extract slip data downloaded from CRA Auto-fill my return (AFR) for reconciliation in Excel®  (4:42)
  • Import T2125 income statement information from Excel®  into TaxCycle (9:51)
  • Import T4, T5 and other slip information from Excel®  into TaxCycle slips returns (18:07)
  • Customize the export of data from the Client Manager for further use in Excel®  (22:14)


Preparing Québec Relevés and TP1 returns

Learn how to prepare returns and slips for your Québec clients.

Topics include:
  • Triggering Québec forms and calculations
  • Language settings to serve your French clients
  • TP1 returns
  • RL/RL2 slips
  • Transmitting to Revenu Québec

Date of broadcast: February 15, 2017
Presented by: Annie Cadoret