Excel Export

Updated: 2020-07-17

To export Client Manager data to an Microsoft Excel® workbook:

  1. Go to the List Returns view. See the Client Manager views help topic. When you export to Excel®, TaxCycle use the same columns in the same order as they appear on screen. Change the column layout or the order of columns before you export. (See the Column layouts help topic.)
  2. Click the Excel® icon at the top right of the table to get see the following options: 
    1. Export to an Excel® Workbook—Export exactly what you see on screen, the columns and rows in the current view.
    2. Export to a detailed Excel® Workbook—Export exactly what you see on screen, plus additional information you can't see about the file status, invoice and taxpayers.
    3. Export Contact Information to an Excel® Workbook—Export the contact information for the list of clients you see on screen. This includes mailing address, email address and phone information along with names and family information. It's great for creating a mail merge in Word. 
    4. Full Data Export—Export all the database information to a CSV file. Note that this is the information stored in the database index and not that in the TaxCycle files themselves.
  3. Click the Excel® icon with the envelope next to it to export a workbook and attach it to an email message. This contains the same columns as appear in the Export to an Excel® Workbook option, above.

Export from the Client Manager to Excel

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