Electronic Signatures

You must first register for an account with a provider to request electronic signatures. TaxCycle supports the following services:

  • TaxFolder
    Coming Soon! E-signatures and more, from the makers of TaxCycle. Sign up for introductory pricing today. For more details, see TaxFolder.
  • DocuSign®
    Try it with 3 clients over a 30-day free trial period. Monthly and annual paid plans are available. Please visit the DocuSign® web site to sign up for a free trial or purchase a plan. Note that DocuSign® has a limit of 100 envelopes per user per year. If you exceed 100 envelopes in your first year, their sales team will contact you to help you choose the plan that best meets your needs as part of your renewal process. (Remember to download your signed documents if you cancel your subscription or choose not to continue with your subscription after the trial period. You will lose access when your subscription expires.)
  • Signatures in Adobe® Reader
    Free. Send a PDF with masked SIN numbers to your client. Your client signs the PDF in Adobe Reader and emails it back to you. This free solution does not allow you to download signed documents directly from links in TaxCycle and TaxCycle will not automatically track the status of documents sent for signature. See the Signatures in Adobe® Reader help topic.

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