Jump Links and Drill Down (F6)

Updated: 2020-07-21

  1. Fields with a blue triangle in the top left corner contain jump links to drill down to source data for the field.
  2. To jump to the first linked form, double-click on the field or press F6 on your keyboard.
    Jump links on calculated fields
  3. If the description text of a field contains a link, click on it to jump to the source of the field.
  4. Links that refer to more than one source amount display a drop-down list you can select from.
  5. If the form source is a slip or multiple-copy form, you can create a new slip.
    Drop down to drill-down to source fields
  6. You can also right-click on a field with multiple source slips to choose the source form.

Jump to the same field in the prior year

Right-click to jump to the prior year

If you've carried forward a return into TaxCycle, you can jump to the same field in the prior-year TaxCycle return, or open the return in your previous software.

  1. Right-click on a return and select Prior year.
  2. TaxCycle takes you to the exactly same field in the prior year return (if the prior year return was completed in TaxCycle).
  3. If the return was carried forward from other software (and you have that software on your computer), TaxCycle will open the return in that other software.

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