Slips Summary

Updated: 2020-05-15

In the slips modules, use the Slips summary for easy navigation and review. This especially useful if you have a file with a large number of slips in it.

  1. When you scroll through the list of slips, the column headings stay fixed at the top of the table.
  2. Click on a column heading to perform an ascending sort (from A to Z, or smallest number to largest). Click again to perform a descending sort (from Z to A, or largest number to smallest).
  3. Drag and drop a column heading to move the column to a different position.
    Screen capture of T4 Slip Summary
  4. Right-click on a column heading and select Hide this column to remove a column from the summary.
  5. Right-click on a column heading and select Manage columns to add or remove columns from the summary and change the order in which columns appear.
    Screen capture of right-click on column heading
  6. Hover over a cell with a review message to read the message.
  7. Click in a cell with black text to edit an amount or value. The change flows back to the recipient’s slip.
    Screen capture of review message on slip summary
  8. Right-click on a row and select Delete (or press Ctrl+Delete) to delete a slip.
    Screen capture of right-click to delete a slip
  9. Scroll to the end of the list to enter a new slip in the blank row at the bottom of the table.
    Screen capture of field for creating a new slip
  10. Double-click the first or last name of a recipient to jump to the slip.
  11. Add review marks to the Slips summary so that it doubles as a checklist to review data entry.

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