Manage Clients in TaxFolder

Updated: 2021-02-23

When you request an electronic signature from TaxCycle, client information is automatically added to TaxFolder. You can edit this client information from the Client List page of the TaxFolder Client Dashboard.

TaxFolder Client List

Add/Invite a Client to TaxFolder

Add a client to TaxFolder to send an invitation to your client to create an account and share documents with you.

  1. Go to the Client Dashboard.
  2. Click the Client List or Pending tab.
  3. Click the Add Client button.
    Add Client button in Client Dashboard
  4. In the dialog that appears, enter the taxpayer’s name, email address and phone number. (For numbers outside of Canada, enter the country code.)
  5. Select the Return Type.
  6. Select the Tax Year.
  7. Enter an Engagement Label (optional).
  8. Click the Add Client button to save and return to the Client Dashboard.
    Add Client dialog box
  9. TaxFolder sends the new client two emails:
    • a message prompting the client to activate their account and set a password.
    • a second message requesting that your client upload documents.

Edit Client Info

To edit the client’s information, including name, email address and phone number:

  1. Click on the client’s name in any list of clients in the dashboard to view client details.
    Client Name In List
  2. Click Client Settings and select Edit Client Info.
    Client Settings Menu. Edit Client Info Option
  3. Change any information and click Save Info.
    Save Info Button

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