Find and Replace ("We" to "I")

Updated: 2020-07-22

The built-in TaxCycle templates are worded in the second person, using "we/us/our" pronouns. Some preparers prefer the more informal "I/me/my" pronouns.

There is no option to automatically switch the wording of built-in templates, but it is quick and easy to search and replace the pronouns in any template. For an example, let's look at the CLetter—Client Letter:

  1. Start TaxCycle and open the Template Editor (learn how in the Template Editor help topic).
  2. Select a template in the Templates sidebar.
  3. Click Clone Template to create a copy of the CLetter. The cloned version of the template will open and will automatically replace the built-in CLetter.
  4. Click the Replace button in the menu (or press Ctrl+H).
  5. Enter we in the Find field.
  6. Enter I in the Replace with field.
  7. Click the drop-down and select Whole word, so it doesn't match parts of words.
  8. Click the right arrow button to move to the first instance.
  9. Take a quick look to confirm it is replacing the right word, then click Replace to replace it and find the next instance.
  10. Repeat these steps to search for instances of "us" and change them to "me" and instances of "our" and change them to "my."
  11. Save your template and test it with a few different client files.

Find and replace in TaxCycle


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