Personalize a Letter

Updated: 2020-07-23

You can personalize any correspondence for any taxpayer. This saves the changes in the taxpayer's file and no content in the letter is updated from the template. This feature is available even if you don't have a license for the Template Editor.

  1. Open a file in TaxCycle.
  2. Open the letter/invoice/email/label you want to customize. For example, press F4, then type CLetter to open the Client Letter.
  3. Once you see the letter on the screen, click in the letter where you want to add your text and start typing. 
  4. As you type, a blue bar appears at the top of the letter to tell you it is customized. 
  5. The icon for the template also changes to show a pencil, so it is easy to spot the customization in the Prepare sidebar or in the tab on screen.
  6. If you right-click on the letter, you can access some formatting options to change the Font, Indent text, etc.
  7. To delete the personalization and revert to the template, click the Revert to default link in the blue bar.

Type in any letter, invoice, label or email to personalize for a client

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