Import Slips (Obsolete)

Updated: 2021-12-14

This feature has been replaced by a newer import slips topic. Please read the Excel Import Slips help topic.

You can import slips from Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet file into TaxCycle T4/T4A, T5 or T5018. For any slip returns, you can use the XML file created by your old software for transmitting to the CRA to populate a current-year TaxCycle return with the issuer and recipient information. 

Sample Excel spreadsheet

To import slip data correctly, your spreadsheet must be in the correct format. A sample spreadsheet is installed when you install TaxCycle. You can find it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Trilogy Software\TaxCycle\Samples\Sample TaxCycle Slips Import.xlsx

A few things to note:

  • The import brings in the spreadsheet rows in the order they appear in the spreadsheet.
  • It is fine to leave blank fields, this won't affect the import.
  • If you're importing multiple slip types, each type must be on its own worksheet within the spreadsheet. Name the worksheet the slip type, for example T4 or T5.
  • Each row in the spreadsheet is a separate slip recipient.
  • Column headings reflect the fields where the data will go in TaxCycle.
  • For fields indicating Exempt CPP, EI or PPIP, enter a Y to indicate an exemption or leave the field blank to indicate no exemption.
  • To add Other Information box numbers and values, such as box 43 on the T4, add another column called OtherBox and specify box number (in this case 43). Directly next to that column, add one for OtherAmount and enter the amount for that box. 

Notes on preparing spreadsheet for T5018 import:

  • If you leave the RecipientType field blank, it will default to Individual on the slip.
  • If you are preparing a slip for a sole proprietor and need to enter the Business Number, enter C under the RecipientType field, then sole proprietor name under the Business Name, then the Business Number in the Business Number column.
  • BusinessFIN is the Filer Identification Number. This used to be used for Partnerships, before everyone was converted to an account number
  • Type refers to “Type of Slip” on the form – it is Original, Amended, or Cancelled


How to import slips

  1. Create a new T4/T4A, T5 or T5018 slips return. There is no need to enter any information in the return.
  2. Drag the Excel file onto this open return. 
  3. TaxCycle will ask you to confirm the import and then will take the data and use it to populate the slips.
  4. Instead of drag and drop, you can go to the Data menu and click Excel Import, and then select Import Slips.
  5. You can use the undo command, Ctrl+Z, to quickly undo the slip import and remove all the imported slips. Similarly, use Ctrl+Y to redo that same import.