Manually Enter a Licence Code

Updated: 2020-10-14

Do not share your licence code! The TaxCycle licence agreement ties the use of the software to a specific person. Sharing your licence code with other people violates that agreement.

Where to Find Your Licence Code

It is important to know which email address you used to buy the product. The email address and code work as a pair. You cannot activate a licence code generated with a different email address.

  1. At the bottom of the invoice we sent you by email.
  2. In your account on Sign in and then click on your name at the top right of the page to go to your account.
    1. Click Active Licences to display the email address and licence code for the current year of TaxCycle available for purchase on our website. A current licence provides access to all prior years.
    2. Click Purchase History to see a list of invoices with all the licence codes, including those from prior years. Click the View button to open an invoice.
  3. Call us if you can't find your code. We can retrieve it for you.

Enter a Licence Code

If you cannot sign in with your TaxCycle account, you can manually enter your licence code to activate TaxCycle or DoxCycle. You can find your licence code in your purchase receipt email, or in the Purchase History of your account on this website.

The first time you run TaxCycle or DoxCycle, the Start screen prompts you to activate your software:

  1. Enter the Email Address and Licence Code pair.
  2. Click OK to activate your software.
    Screen Capture: Enter Licence Code on Start Screen

If you have an active licence and need to add a new licence code:

  1. Go the Help page. Click the Help in the blue bar on the left, or go the File menu and click on Help.
  2. Click on My TaxCycle.
  3. Click the link to enter your licence details.
    Screen Capture: Manually Enter licence Code | Help Screen
  4. Enter the Email Address and licence Code pair.
  5. Click the Activate button.
    Screen Capture: Enter Licence Code | Help Screen