Tuition (S11, T2202A, TL11)

Updated: 2021-03-16

Enter Tuition Amounts

  1. Open the Tuition (T2202A/TL11) worksheet.
  2. This worksheet is like a sip, so you can complete separate worksheets for each post-secondary institution.
  3. Enter the name of the Issuer.
  4. Choose the School category.
  5. Enter any additional information about the education if applicable.
  6. To display the related Québec relevé 8, choose Yes to display it at the bottom of the form. Federal amounts flow automatically to the relevé, where you can review the information.
  7. Enter the number of months enrolled part-time or full-time.
  8. Enter the Eligible tuition fees paid during the year to educational institutions in Canada, from the T2202 slip.
  9. If applicable, enter any Charitable donations. These amounts flow to the Donations worksheet.
  10. The Total column shows the total amounts from ALL tuition slips.
  11. If you wish, enter session period information from the T2200. These amounts do not flow to box 26 and are not included in the total eligible tuition fees.
  12. If the educational institution was outside Canada, complete the separate section of the slip instead and leave the section for Canadian institutions blank.
  13. Tuition amounts entered on this worksheet flow to the Schedule 11 (S11) to calculate the claim or the amount to transfer to a parent or grandparent.
  14. Enter any used tuition amounts from the prior year on line one of the S11.

Screen Capture: Tuition Slip (T2202)

Tuition Amounts Transferred From a Child

If a child cannot use all the tuition amounts on their return, they can transfer the amounts to a parent or grandparent.

Where you enter the amounts transferred from a child depends on whether you are preparing a full return for the child (see the Dependant and Family Returns help topic), or whether you are completing just the Dep worksheet (see the Dependant Tax Credits help topic).

Preparing a return for the dependant? (Linking the dependant return)

Use these steps if you are preparing a return for the dependant AND that return is part of a family return. To learn how to link dependants into a family return, read the Dependant and Family Returns help topic.

  1. On the dependant’s return, enter the tuition amounts on the dependant’s Tuition (T2202A/TL11) worksheet (see above).
  2. On the parent/grandparent’s return, this appears as a calculated (blue) field on the first line in the Tuition, education and textbook amounts transferred from a child section on the Dep worksheet.
    Screen Capture: Dep Worksheet of Parent
  3. To disable the automatic tuition transfer, go to the dependant’s Optimizations worksheet and override the Optimize column to No.
    Screen Capture: Disable Tuition Transfer

Just need to enter the amounts? (NOT linking the dependant return)

If you are not preparing a full return for the dependant, but still need to enter tuition amounts transferred from a child:

  1. Open the return for the parent or grandparent.
  2. If you haven’t already, add a Dep worksheet for the child. To learn how to do this, read the Dependant Tax Credits help topic.
  3. On the first line of the Tuition, education and textbook amounts transferred from a child section in the Dep worksheet, enter the exact amounts transferred from the dependant:
    Screen Capture: Enter Tuition on the Dep Worksheet
  4. If you don’t have this amount, use the calculation table to calculate the transfer amount. It mirrors the one on the dependant’s Schedule 11 (S11). Complete all the applicable line numbers.
  5. The calculated maximum tuition transfer appears on line 12.
  6. TaxCycle calculates the amount to transfer from the dependant and enters it on line 13.
  7. For a coupled return, select which taxpayer will claim the amount.
    Screen Capture: Calculate Transfer on Dep Worksheet

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