TaxFolder Client Dashboard

Updated: 2021-03-03

When you request an electronic signature from TaxCycle, client information is automatically added to TaxFolder. The TaxFolder Client Dashboard displays the status of all your clients and engagements in TaxFolder. 

  1. Client List—All clients in TaxFolder. (This is not the same as the list in the TaxCycle Client Manager that lists all your clients and their tax returns.)
  2. Pending—Client engagements not yet assigned to a preparer. The label on the tab tells you how many pending engagements are in the list. 
  3. In Progress—Client engagements assigned to a preparer. The label on the tab tells you how many in-progress engagements are in the list.
  4. Completed—All completed engagements.
  5. Type in the Search box to filter the current list on data in any field.
  6. Export the current grid. Click...
    • Copy to place the rows on your clipboard.
    • Print to send the list to your printer.
    • CSV Export to download a CSV file that you can open in Microsoft Excel®.
  7. Select how many rows of clients show on each page.
  8. Click Previous or Next to move through the pages of clients, or click on a number to jump to a page.

TaxFolder Client Dashboard Overview