Authorization options

Updated: 2017-01-27

Client authorization is required so you can access CRA Represent a Client, log into your client's online business account, download data from Auto-fill my return. Complete the default information for authorization forms in options so that it is automatically transferred into the tax return.

Preparer/firm authorization details (RepID, GroupID)

Enter defaults required for the completion of authorization forms in options.

  1. To open options, go to the File menu, then Options. Or, if you are on the Start screen, click Options in the blue bar on the left. The settings below are accessible from section on the left-hand side of the Options dialog box.
  2. On the left, expand the Organization section and click on the Authorization page. 
  3. In the CRA Authorization Forms section, enter your firm's business number, RepID, Group name and GroupID, as required. These eventually flow to forms like the T1013 and RC59 depending on the authorization option you set there.
  4. If you need to use a different Preparer or Firm Name on these authorization forms, enter that name on the page. This information will then be used to populate the related field in Preparer/Firm representative section on the Engagement worksheet. 
  5. If you are preparing returns for Québec, also complete the similar fields under the Revenu Québec Authorization Forms section. The Québec enterprise number and the Identification number are inserted with other Preparer information on the Engagement worksheet.
  6. If you want a different name on Alberta AT1 forms, enter it on this page.


New file default values for the T1013

In options, you can also see the default values for fields on the T1013. These are then entered on the form when you create or carry forward a file. They will also trigger a review message if the form doesn't match the default set in options.

  1. From the Start screen, click Options in the blue bar on the left side. If you have a file open, go to the File menu, then click Options
  2. On the left, expand T1/TP1 and click on New File to apply the settings to all years. To set different options for a particular year, expand the section and click on a year.
  3. On the right, scroll until you see the section for T1013 Default values and set the default Authorization Type, Authorization Level and Signing Date.
  4. Click OK or Apply to save your changes.