T3010 Charity Return

Updated: 2020-07-22

Create a T3010 return

The T3010 module supports the preparation of multiple years of returns. You can carry forward returns from the prior year TaxCycle file, or from other tax software. See the Carry forward returns help topic

If you create a new return, you'll be asked to enter the tax year start and year end on the Start screen.


Print the T3010 for filing

There is not yet an electronic filing system for T3010 returns.

You must print, obtain a signature and file the return by mail with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

  1. Click on the Print/PDF sidebar.
  2. Print the T3010 Barcode print set.
  3. Have your client sign the appropriate sections on the T3010 jacket.
  4. Mail the paper copy to the CRA.


TaxCycle T3010 module helps you prepare a registered charity information return. For a list of the forms included in this module, see the TaxCycle T3010 product page.

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